Kitchen Alerts

You will be spending a lot of time in your kitchen, so it’s essential that you have the rightfacilities, adequate storage space and a user-friendly design. The kitchen area is getting increasingly integrated with the living & dining space, so you need to focus on its overall ambience as well. Here are some key kitchen alerts –important things to be kept in mind while designing your kitchen.

A window is a must: Your kitchen should definitely have a window to let in the fresh air. Good food gives out pleasurable aromas, but these can get trapped and start giving a foul odor in the long run. A window will prevent your kitchen from becoming a prison of unwanted smells. Fresh air from the window will also inhibit dampness in your kitchen.

Proper vents: You can choose a simple exhaust fan or install an electric chimney in your kitchen. This will prevent the oil and grease from sticking to the walls, kitchen top and other items in your kitchen. It will ensure that your kitchen and its various belongings remain crispy clean.

Convenient slab height: The height of the kitchen slab should be convenient, so that you don’t have to struggle with everyday tasks. If you are a tall person, the kitchen slab will have to be a bit higher than the standard. Similarly, it has to be slightly low if your height is less. Keep in mind that difference of even a couple of inches can start affecting your back in the long run.

Good lighting: Light affects your mood, so it’simportant to have good lights in the kitchen. Your kitchen should have adequate lighting, not too dark and not too bright. The windows should be big enough to ensure that your kitchen has access to natural sunlight during the day. Dark conditions can be depressive and may impact your efforts to cook delicious food.

Smoother surfaces for walls and kitchen top: Standard concrete walls and kitchen top will get easily stained and it would take a lot of effort to clean them. You need to choose smoother surfaces for your kitchen such as granite or marble for the kitchen top and glossy tiles for the walls. These too will get stained, but cleaning these will be a lot easier. Granite and marble will also work to give a grand look to your kitchen.

While designing your kitchen, you also need to ensure that the entire area is free from clutter. Your kitchen needs to be spacious and for that, you can add modular kitchen trolleys and overhead shelves. Overall, your kitchen should exude a sense of calm and elegance, so that you can focus on your cooking and delight your loved ones with scrumptiousfood preparations.

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