Do astronauts drink milk in space?

Space is the final frontier, as limitless opportunities abound in the infinite universe. Although humanity has still only set foot on the moon, efforts are underway to go much more farther than what the present generation could have ever imagined. Living in space would be an essential part of such journeys, which brings to the mind lots of questions about the lifestyle of astronauts, especially what do they drink and eat. For milk lovers, the first question would probably be whether astronauts drink milk in space. Moreover, what type of milk it is – organic full cream milk, healthy double toned milk, best full cream milk, or any other type? Let’s take a look at the facts and find the answers to such questions.

As per NASA, one of the world’s leading space agencies, food for astronauts in space has undergone a sea change over the decades. While earlier, food was mainly available as refrigerated cubes and semi-liquids held in tubes, now there’s a dedicated section where food can be prepared/reconstituted, served on attachable trays and eaten with the standardknife and fork. Astronauts are even provided the opportunity to decide their own menu and what they would like to eat on specific days. And yes, dairy products are there in the list of food items that are available to astronauts in space. These are all available as refrigerated foods, which can be brought to ambient temperature using specialized equipment.

Dairy products in space do include milk, but not in the liquid form as one might have on planet earth. Milk isavailable in powder form and can be reconstituted in the dedicated preparation and dining area. Since it is in powder form, it really doesn’t matter whether it’s organic full cream milk, healthy double toned milk, best full cream milk, or any other type of milk. What does matter is that ‘dairy products in space’ says a lot about their high nutritive value. Space foods are strictly prepared to ensure that they have the right level of nutrients that can provide each astronaut with all the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) of vitamins and minerals. If dairy products were not nutritious, they would never have made it to the space menu of astronauts.

If dairy products can travel so far in space and provide nourishment to astronauts, it is proof that milk and milk products are good for health. It provides all the more reasons to those living on earth to continue their intake of dairy products such as organic full cream milk, healthy double toned milk, best full cream milk, etc.

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