York Shiraz – Red Wine

York Shiraz is a premium offering from York Winery. The wine’s journey begins at York’s Nashik vineyard, a picturesque farm spread across an area of six acres. It has a beautiful hill on the southern side and a scenic lake on its north side. The area features the mineral rich red soil, which is perfect for growing a wide variety of grapes such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. Moreover, the terrain has a natural slope, which ensures proper water drainage.This helps improve the quality of grapes grown in the farm. The unique flavors and aromas of the fruits grown in the region, coupled with York’s superior winemaking practices, ensure the perfect taste for York Shiraz.

Winemaking Style

York’s winemaking style utilizes an open minded approach, involving a synergistic blend of modern Australian & South African practices. Some techniques have also been inspired by French winemaking style. The winery features state-of-the-art Italian machines, which, when combined with its huge 1 million liter storage capacity, allows the winery to consistently produce some of the most flavorful wines from the Nashik Valley. The winery is located in the lap of nature, around 20 minutes from the center of Nashik City. Bordering the tranquil expanse of theGangapur Dam backwaters, it shares a suitable environment for making subtly flavored, seductive wines like York Shiraz. Every process occurs separately and gravity is used in most places instead of pumps, which helps retain the natural flavors of the fruit. The winery also has underground cellars, where bottled wines and reserve wines in oak barrels are kept to age in the perfect temperature and humidity conditions.

Tasting Notes

York Shiraz is one of the best Shiraz from Nashik Valley. The wine has various complexities infused into it, and yet it is remarkably light and east to drink. On the nose, it has lifted fruity flavors of plums with subtle hints of oak. On the palate, York Shiraz renders mocha and dark fruit flavors with good structure, balance and oak integration.

Food Pairings

York Shiraz goes well with roasted and grilled meats, rich chicken and lamb dishes, cheese and chocolates.

About the Owner – LiloGurnani

York Winery was founded by LiloGurnani, an enterprising individual, born and raised in Nashik. Lilo always had this dream to set up a winery, and after much planning and brainstorming, York Winery was successfully launched in 2008. The name YORK also has an interesting story, as it has been derived from the initials of Lilo’s three children – Yogita, Ravi and Kailash.

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