*Dr. Ziyath’s Dental Clinic’s Hollywood Smile treatment is the most loved one*

Dr. Ziyath Ansar works with a motto of Great Smile Great Life. He along with his team have a goal that none of their clients should return to them disheartened. Based at Dubai, they have two branches, one at Deira and the other at Jumeriah. Ziyath’s hardworking nature and dedication are the keys to these clinics.

The dental clinic has a wide range of services from root canals, zircon bridges, tooth extractions, laser fillings, cleaning, retainers to implants. And amongst these, the Hollywood smile is the most popular one. Till date, this treatment has been performed on around 15,000 patients all over the world. Ziyath loves to give his patients their dream smile and that’s what makes him special.

Talking about this treatment, Ziyath shares, “It’s one of our popular services and people love it. I have noticed that people want that perfect smile but if due to certain structural issues, they may not be satisfied from within. That’s when a surgery plays its role. Hollywood Smile is that treatment of structuring the smile in a very vibrant way. Looks appealing and client satisfaction on the top.”

Dr. Ziyath works with an intention that once his clients have completed their treatment with him, they shouldn’t return back feeling dissatisfied. They should be completed happy and full due to it. He concludes, “We love people to smile and make them happy always.”

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