Growing Together Is The Key, Propounds The Social Media King Asli Daud

When you reach the pinnacle, the very first question you are posed with, is regarding the key trait that formulated the driving force for your journey. Acquiring the highest stance in the digital media world, Asli Daud or as he has come to be prominently known as -‘the social media king’, is a mastermind, handling the reigns of 3 top-tier media firms.

The entitlement, ‘The Social Media King’, isn’t a consequence of his endeavors only, but the term has been coined in his reverence by the eminent top-notch magazines and publications, who have researched thoroughly over his life and endeavors.

The ‘Jack of all trades’ and also the master of all of them, Daud is a cybersecurity expert, a techie, a celeb manager, a producer, an entrepreneur, and has been establishing his charisma in all these arenas. A clientbase so strong and influential, Danish F Dar, Maren Tschinkel, Salman Mithani, Gaby Guha and plethora of other names are associated with the virtuoso.

The connoisseur mentions that ‘Ever since I was 15, I had a habit of educating and influencing others around me. I believe, it’s not necessary to be a leader, but to be the ace, one needs to be impactful, that’s a prerequisite. I have always worked with the sole motive of aiding others to welcome fame in their lives and to make comfort knock at their doorstep’

Daud is presently the mind and soul of the Asli Media Group. The Founder and CEO has been leading the three illustrious firms, Asli Digital Media, Asli Media Partners and When queried about his journey, he has wittingly answered, that to reach the apex, we al need to grow together. He frankly exposed his opinion of helping and aiding a ginormous number of celebs, artists and new talents. He believes that he has been able to procure this successful viewpoint as a consequence of him being able to deliver solutions and strategies like none other for each of his clients.

Daud believes one can grow uncountable fathoms, if they have the notion of growing together. Visualize, aspire and achieve is what you need to do!

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