Emiza Unveils Unify, India’s Revolutionary Connected Platform Reshaping the Customer Journey

Mumbai, India – June 27, 2023 – Emiza, a trusted leader in powering commerce and driving the supply chain for businesses of all sizes, has officially launched Unify, a groundbreaking platform set to redefine the customer experience landscape in D2C. The highly anticipated launch took place at the esteemed India D2C Summit 2023, held on June 7th at The Westin Powai, Mumbai, garnering immense praise and positive reviews from industry professionals.

Unify, India’s first-ever connected platform, revolutionises the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) industry by seamlessly integrating the entire customer journey. From an intuitive unified portal to transparent flat pricing, Unify addresses the key challenges faced by e-commerce businesses, enabling them to deliver unparalleled experiences to their end consumers.

“Unify is a pioneering tech platform that flawlessly integrates checkout, fulfilment, and delivery, fueled by Emiza’s lightning-fast fulfilment network. What distinguishes Unify from the rest is the convergence of technology, network, and operations, resulting in an unparalleled experience for both consumers and brands,” said Ajay Rao, Founder and CEO of Emiza.

Emiza’s commitment to excellence has earned widespread acclaim for its platform Unify at the India D2C Summit 2023. Recognized as a game-changer, Unify effectively solves business problems, streamlines operations, and enhances customer satisfaction. The platform’s successful launch generated significant interest among industry professionals, with Emiza’s booth attracting a constant flow of visitors eager to explore its features and benefits.

Emiza’s recent participation at industry events has resulted in outstanding recognition and prestigious awards, highlighting the platform’s innovative capabilities. The company was honoured as the “Best Tech SME of the Year 22-23” at the ASSOCHAM’s Haryana MSME SAMVAAD and received the “Best Logistics & Fulfilment Provider of the Year (2022-23)” award at the Engage 2023: Retail & Technology Summit. Emiza was also recognized as the “Best Supply Chain Company of the Year, 2022” by Business Connect Group.

Emiza is committed to empowering businesses of all sizes and seamlessly integrating Unify into existing e-commerce systems. To learn more about Emiza’s Unify and its transformative functionalities, please visit unify.emizainc.com or reach out to Emiza at (+91) 8097448884.

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