exclusive inputs on pregnancy by Dr.Aruna Kalra

Ques 1. If a woman UPT comes positive but she still having light bleeding in late 5th and early 6th week of pregnancy what could be the reason?

Ans 1. Light bleeding in early pregnancy is common and not a cause of concern. Light bleeding during first trimester is experienced b almost a quarter of pregnant women. This bleeding may be due to normal hormonal shifts or may even be a symptom of a pregnancy complication in some cases.

Some other causes of light bleeding during first trimester can be:

  1. Subchorionic Hematoma – This is when blood gathers near the chorion, the fetal membrane next to the placenta.
  2. Ectopic pregnancy – It is when a fertilized egg implants outside the uterus, most often in a fallopian tube.
  3. Cervical irritation – Light bleeding after any form of vaginal penetration like sex or a pelvic exam is most often a sign of cervical irritation.
  4. Implantation bleeding – This marks the beginning of pregnancy. Bleeding happens when a fertilized egg embeds in the lining of the uterus.
  5. Pregnancy loss – Vaginal bleeding can also be a sign of pregnancy loss. The medical term period for the same is the first 23 weeks of pregnancy.

Ques 2. Does light bleeding mean miscarriage?

Ans 2. No, light bleeding during first trimester of pregnancy does not always mean a miscarriage. It can happen due to a number of other reasons as well. It is very common among women and usually not a cause of concern.

Ques 3. If a woman goes to ultrasound at the beginning of 6th week, will the sac appear?

Ans 3. During the 6th week, a yolk sac, like a shape of a tiny balloon, should be visible inside the gestational sac.

Ques 4. Is it normal to not feel any pregnancy symptoms at all in 6th week?

Ans 4. Yes, absolutely! It is possible to be six weeks pregnant and feel no symptoms of pregnancy at all. Remember, all pregnancies are different. Some women may never experience any morning sickness throughout their pregnancy period.

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