Exclusive: Pawri sensation Yashraj Mukhate on current projects, relationships, favourite composer and more

By: Harshita Dagha

This is clearly not the first time a Yashraj has been the head-turner. You must have witnessed food being prepared or utensils making noise in a Rasoda(kitchen), but the big bomb blast happened with Yashraj Mukhate’s Rasoda mashup song as it literally broke the internet as it made way into people’s hearts and minds and it was too late to snap out of it.

Groovy with a fun vibe, his dialogues have made people both laugh and love him more with every track. While Tuadda Kutta Tommy, Rasoda, Pawri and more have been all the rage not just among the youth, but also among adults alike, Yashraj’s favourite composition remains “Bigini shoot”.

Talk about the effort it takes behind the making of any video, he says he completed his first track “Rasoda” in about 3-4 hours while adding, “Ek video ke liye itna time nahi lagta, par itna kam time lage, wo seekhne ke liye bohot saal lagte hain.”

A popular workaholic, Mukhate is known to spend most of his day in the studio. While his compositions speak for his hard work, we asked him how he manages to escape the creative block, “I deal with the block all the time. Virus jab se badh gaya hai dimaag hi nahi chalta abhi kya karu,” he explains as he adds how work that has already been directed gets easier to execute while it is the original compositions which consume more energy.

A R Rehman has complimented Yashraj’s work, and today, Yashraj is given more than just compositions for fans – his tracks have often become anthems to be a part of people’s day-to-day conversations. Ask him what makes him different from composers in his genre and he says, “I think main content zyada consume karta hoon, isi liye mujhe pata hai kya karna chahiye jo available nahi hai.



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