Daily Duties of a Police Officer you need to know about

Being one of the most ubiquitous organisations of the society the policemen happen to be the most visible representatives of the government. When a citizen doesn’t know what to do and whom to approach in times of difficulty the police station appears to be the most approachable place. But even today citizens are not completely aware of the day to day duties of the police officer. Here’s what the everyday duties of an officer look like:

  • Duties and responsibilities of a police officer may differ from one political context to another. Regular duties of the police officers include law enforcement, maintaining peace, protection of property and people and the investigation of crimes. While on-duty officers are expected to respond to a variety of situations. Restrictions are placed on what uniformed officers wear and rules and guidelines dictate how an officer should behave.
  • The major role of officers in duty is to maintain peace through surveillance of the public, maintain order, and the subsequent reporting of offenders of the law. They have the authority to arrest and detain only if it is granted by the magistrate. Along with routine community policing, they are bound to respond to emergency calls. Large gatherings are safeguarded by officers. In situations like natural calamities, accidents, search and rescue and road traffic collisions they provide safety measures.
  • They have ties with medical and fire services to provide quick response at times of emergency. Police officers issue citations for minor offenders which typically results in the imposition of fines, specifically for violation of traffic laws. They are also trained to assist persons in distress, in situations when a car has broken down or people having a medical emergency.
  • They investigate burglaries or other serious crimes. If suspect carries weapons, takes a hostage or flees in an attempt to resist arrest, police officers are trained in such situations to defend both themselves and possible victims.
  • Most of the time police officers spend on writing reports and keeping accurate records. Since the records are the only evidence in the court they are an important part of the investigation. Police officers who have witnessed a crime are frequently called to testify in court. Drug and alcohol-addicted people create nuisance in public places. One of the major tasks of police officers is to deal with these crackheads. They’re the reason for the robbery, harassment, rape and assault cases happening in our society. And police officers play a major role in controlling these people and providing a peaceful environment for everyone.

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