Exclusive: Sunny Leone on current projects, funniest rumours about her, and more Inbox

By : Harshita Dagha

The most cliché introductions of Sunny Leone aka Karenjeet Kaur open with how she has walked the hate road and tough road and gotten bigger and better, but we add a little of how she did it – with sass, a good sense of humour and getting back at them, unapologetically.

Starring in MX Player’s Anamika, we asked her about her character, to which she explained, “It’s about revenge. She is someone who works in a secret cell and acquires information. But in acquiring all that she ends up losing her memory because of some incident. So, yeah, it’s revenge, with some dishoom dishoom fighting.
“I have always wanted to shoot an action film, or a film that has action in it,” she admits as we ask her why she said yes to a role which is out-and-out action-centric, since it is also the first time, she is doing an action role of this magnitude.
“I was a tomboy growing up. I don’t think anything is ever a sudden change, it’s just evolving growing up. I still have the tomboyish things that come out.”
Tomboy or not, we hope the ravishing Anamika is received by the audiences as nicely as its trailer.

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