Top 5 macabre tourist attractions in the globe

Traditional tourist ideas like theme parks and tourist traps just don’t cut it for travellers who delight in the darker side of life. If you are a person who keeps an interest in visiting weird and creepy places, we have put together top 5 macabre tourist attractions around the globe to feed your morbid curiosity.

  1. Museo De Ias Momias, Mexico

When translated into English this place is known as the museum of the mummies. This place is a shred of evidence to Mexico’s recognition of death. Displaying a collection of 111 bodies, it says that the relatives who couldn’t pay the ‘grave tax’ had their friends’ or relatives’ body dug up from their graves. This was started as an initiative to make more room for bodies due to Cholera outbreak in 1865. In 1980 it officially became a museum.

  1. Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, Belize

Popularly known as ‘Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre’ is home to skeletons of people who were given as a sacrifice to Mayan Gods. Having only found in 1989, the caves are recently discovered. It is only accessible by swimming. But it is worth visiting the place as the Mayan pottery and skeletons present there remain almost untouched. The sparkling calcified bones of ‘The Crystal Maiden’ or the skeleton of an adolescent girl is a must see.

  1. Aokigahara, Japan

Having a history associated with the demons in Japanese mythology. After San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, it is one of the most popular places in the world for suicides. In 2010 around 50 people took their own lives. It’s also noted for the quietness because of the wind-blocking density of the trees. It is advised for hikers to use plastic tape for marking their route and avoid getting lost.

  1. The North Yungas Road, Bolivia

This 60 km track also known as the “Death Road” was built by Paraguayan prisoners. Despite the road being rarely more than three metres wide, traffic travels in both directions without any guard rails. Fog and heavy rain is an added danger. Thousands of lives are taken away by this road. A minor miscalculation can cost you a fall of up to 600 metres. Though the road has been improved recently, it still accounts for one of the dangerous roads of the world.

  1. Borley Rectory, Essex

Built in 1863, Borley Rectory is outlined as the most haunted house in Britain. According to a popular legend, a monk from Borley fell in love with a convent’s nun. Before they could elope, the elders of the monastery discovered their plans. She was burned alive while he was hanged. It’s believed that their ghosts have haunted the site ever since.

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