Fantazy: Blockchain Based Fantasy Gaming App Gets Launched on Main Net

Fantazy is a decentralized fantasy sports platform that has recently been launched on the Polygon Mainnet. The platform utilizes blockchain technology, to provide a safe and organized record of crypto transactions. Fantazy aims to bring trustless web3 infrastructure to the fantasy sports industry, which has been plagued by platforms using opaque data storage and bots to cheat users out of prize money.

Fantazy’s founder, Naveen Saraswat, expressed his excitement about the launch, saying: “We are extremely excited to launch Fantazy on Main Net. Our core value proposition is to bring trustless web3 infrastructure to the fantasy sports industry, which is ridden with platforms using opaque data storage and bots added in competitions to inflate user participation and cheat their users out of the prize money. We want people to explore fantasy sports without being worried about losing their hard-earned money or suffering from the deceit of any kind.”

In addition to its reputation for innovation, Fantazy has also gained accolades for providing a fair and transparent platform for fantasy gaming enthusiasts. It is also easily accessible and user-friendly. Saraswat added: “Fantazy is reimagining the industry from the decentralized lens of distributed networks. Fantazy is also doing away with high margins in the unfair distribution models of the existing platforms. We use robust smart contracts to create a scalable, fairer, and transparent fantasy sports app. It also includes features for seamless wallet creation for new users to plug and play without the hassles of long onboarding through KYC, and fun user-profiles and gamification to establish a web3 native community experience.”

Fantazy believes in an inter-chain future and allows players to participate using the currency of their choice, starting with Matic, eliminating any token-gating. Users finally have the chance to participate and earn in the token of their choice. The company raised $50,000 in a pre-seed round from angel investors in July and is now preparing for its seed round. Fantazy has paved the way for innovation and transparency in the fantasy gaming space, and it plans to launch several features in the near future that will further revolutionize the industry.

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