Ensure Hassle-Free Safety of Homes with Digital Locks

India 22 December 2022: In today’s fast evolving, modern, and digitally transformed society, safety and privacy are key priorities. Brands offer an array of digital locking solutions designed for homeowners which not only safeguard their homes, but also maintain a distinctive style that sits gracefully amidst the décor of any home. Individuals acknowledge locks as their home’s first line of defence. Hence, Godrej Locks is working towards educating consumers about advanced locks with top-notch safety features, helping them make an informed decision.

Here are a few things Mr. Shyam Motwani, Business Head at Godrej Locks has to say, emphasizing the convenience and safety of digital locks for homeowners:

Smart Keyless Solution:

Digital locks make it hassle-free for home owners to keep their belongings safe as they eliminate the necessity of carrying a set of keys. These next-generation digital locks can be accessed remotely via a mobile app. One can also check the status of the lock from any location with an internet connection. Moreover, these locks store multiple passcodes and fingerprints unique to each member of the family making it even easier for family members to operate.

Difficult to Hack:

Digital locks offer multi-authentication via PIN, smartcard, manual key and biometric accessibility options. This is an additional security measure wherein you can add two-factor authentication to protect yourself against unauthorized access to your smart locks. Branded locks also push firmware and security updates which helps keep locks up-to-date and ensures robust security protocols.

Easy to Install and Operate:

Installation and operation of digital locks is made easy & convenient for the end user. They can also refer to the video tutorials for further assistance while operating the locks. Godrej Digital locks offer more than two bolts, which make them exceptionally theft resistant, and some digital locks have mechanical override making them further reliable.

Offers Enhanced Safety:

Most digital locks are battery-powered and they continue to work even when there is a power outage. Moreover, the built-in power sensors inform home owner’s weeks before the battery drains out, giving ample time to replace the batteries. Another safety aspect is that, these modern locks have an innovative sensor that detects fire and instantly unlocks them. This is a significant advantage for digital locks especially in the event of a fire and panic.



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