Features to look for in your next AC purchase

Earlier, air conditioning simply meant transforming your home into some kind of cold desert with freezing and uncomfortable chills. But, fortunately, technology has significantly improved from the early days of air conditioning technology. Today, air conditioners from reputed brands like Hitachi Cooling & Heating offer several benefits and comfort to their customers.

If you are considering buying an air conditioner recently, you can look for innovative and energy-efficient air conditioners offered by Hitachi Cooling & Heating India. These ACs are technologically-advanced and come-equipped with some exciting features. Here are some of the most ground-breaking technologies and features that come with these Hitachi air conditioners:

ice Clean (powered by FrostWash) for Clean air cooling

The ice Clean feature works through a simple three-step process: Freeze, Melt, and Dry.

On pressing the FrostWash button on the remote prompts the operation of ice clean cycle. Frost will first form on the heat exchanger. This frost effectively traps all the accumulated dust, bacteria, molds, and other impurities. After few minutes, the frost on the coil melts away, carrying along with it the trapped contaminants, effectively from the indoor unit coil. Following this, the blower activates to expel any remaining moisture, thoroughly drying the coil and cleansing it of any residual debris. Consequently, upon the next activation of the air conditioner, users get a refreshing influx of clean air.

The primary advantages of the ice Clean feature are: it effectively eradicates viruses, bacteria, and molds, while concurrently delivering energy savings of up to 15%. By eliminating the dirt and debris from the evaporator coils, this innovative feature ensures that the air conditioner functions optimally, providing a continuous stream of clean and fresh air.

Xpandable+: Adaptive Cooling for Enhanced Performance

With the Xpandable+ feature, Hitachi Cooling & Heating takes air conditioning to a whole new level. This smart feature enables the compressor of the air conditioner to automatically adjust or expand its cooling capacity based on the ambient temperature and indoor load. By increasing the compressor’s rotation per minute, the AC adapts to the actual conditions outside and the cooling requirements inside the room. This result in upto 110% of maximum cooling capacity, 100% cooling capacity at 43 ͦC, 30% faster cool down time, and 35% higher humidity removal. 27% more power savings also can be achieved by using Inverter models in comparison Fix speed models of similar capacity.

24m Long Air Throw* to Cool Every Corner

This exciting feature called 24m Long Air Throw allows air conditioners to throw air up to 24 meters to ensure even and uniform cooling in the room. This feature is particularly beneficial for large rooms, it ensures that the air conditioning covers a vast area effectively. By providing a long air throw, the AC creates a surround cooling effect, ensuring even cooling and temperature distribution throughout the room. This smart functionality not only guarantees a comfortable environment for everyone but also enables faster cooling with less energy consumption.

AQtiv-Ion Technology for Clean and Healthy Indoors

AQtiv-Ion is a breakthrough technology that shows Hitachi’s commitment to providing a cleaner and healthier indoor environment. The feature utilizes air conditioner ionizer technology to produce negative ions that combine with the air’s naturally occurring oxygen (O2). This process creates new oxygen molecules that trap impure particles, certain viruses, and bacteria and neutralize them, resulting in a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Thanks to its strong oxidation function, this feature can destroy the structure of bacteria and certain viruses through powerful collisions. The strong oxidation also inactivates the live enzymes of bacterial cells, making it remarkably effective in fighting airborne pollutants and killing various types of bacteria (including influenza virus, Escherichia coli, and Staphylococcus aureus) and mold.

AirCloud Home to Cool Your Home with Ease

In the age of intelligent households, the Hitachi air conditioners present the innovative airCloud go application having function which enable users to remotely control their AC units via smartphones. Through the simple download of the airCloud Home app, users gain the flexibility to adjust temperatures and customize cooling preferences from any location. This functionality offers significant benefits to those who are away from home, enabling them to adjust the AC unit settings before their return. The airCloud Home feature epitomizes the harmonious fusion of technology and convenience, redefining contemporary living standards.

4-Way Swing for Better Air Dispersion

Hitachi air conditioners feature an innovative 4-Way swing functionally for precise and superior air dispersion across the room. This feature ensures even cooling and air distribution, leaving no space untouched. Even distribution of cool air in the room ensures optimal cooling and comfort inside the room.

Hitachi Air Conditioners for a Complete Cooling Experience

Although many air conditioners are available in India, few offer both optimal cooling and seamless technology integration. Hitachi Cooling and Heating India, with their extensive experience in Indian weather conditions, have crafted a diverse range of ACs to cater to various customer needs. Explore their official website www.hitachiaircon.com/in/  or visit the nearest authorized store to discover the perfect AC for your home.

  • 24m Longairthrowclaim refers to 1050mm chassis at fan speed 1200m/s creating air velocity of 0.15m/s or more as per anemometer tests Airflow will vary according to fan speed, model capacity & other environmental factors.
  • The 100% Cooling Capacity at 43°C is measured at IDU condition: 32°C DB/23°C WB& ODU condition: 43°C for selected models.

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