FIITJEE Unveils DRONACHARYA (II) – A Cutting Edge 3600 Diagnostic & Scholarship Exam

In a bid to unearth hidden potential, to exploit full potential and to nurture India’s brightest young minds, the highly awaited DRONACHARYA (II) examination is all set to take place on 7th April2024, for students going to class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI & XII.
The DRONACHARYA (II) Exam, scientifically designed for its comprehensive testing with intensive analytics based on unique evaluation methodology, seeks to identify not only students with exceptional intellectual capabilities but exploring hidden potential of even average students, fostering an environment that promotes academic excellence.
New Delhi, March 19, 2024: In a significant leap towards transforming the landscape of competitive exams in India,FIITJEE,a premier coaching institute in the country, proudly promulgates to conduct ‘DRONACHARYA (II)’ –the World’s Biggest and one of its own kind Scholarship Exam in the History of Coaching with the Best Scientifically Designed Academic Diagnostic Tool.

As the Legendary GURU DRONACHARYA diagnosed the TRUE Strengths and Weaknesses of each disciple to enrich them with Wisdom, Knowledge, Intelligence,&Sagacity and guided them on to the right path, much in the same way, this test will guide the students through a 3600 analysis of their performance linked to their goals, and with proper assistance, the studentscan tread the right path for most Optimum Success.

The DRONACHARYA(II) Exam is metamorphic.After appearing in the exam, students will be able to know their IQ, Aptitude, Analytical Skills, and Problem-Solving Capabilities, which are necessary to clear various Competitive, Scholastic exams, variousOlympiads, and to deal with the critical problems of life. They will also be able to identify the right path for their careers as per their skills and interests so that they can perform better to achieve their coveted milestones. In short, through the exam, the students will reap immense benefits like Holistic Academic Analysis, Strategic Self-Discovery, and Unlocking Potential for Competitive Edge.

“Diagnosing the academic capabilities of students with a scientific tool can certainly illuminate the path to success. There are many students who, besides having talent and skills, fail to select the appropriate career path as per their skills and interests, and as a result, do not perform well in their careers.So, it is of ultimate priority to evaluate theskills and interests of a child and the requirements to select the right career out of various career options available for professional success in life.The DRONACHARYA Exam unleashes the current and hidden potential of a child and broadens the academic perspective. This is a comprehensive test on par with most of the Competitive& Scholastic exams in the world.It also sets a benchmark for the coaching industry as well as the society. Through all our programs, we are socially obliged to support the students both academically and financially, and this exam also assists the students through customised unique teaching methodologies and beneficial scholarship schemes.” said Mr. R. L. Trikha, Director, FIITJEE Group.

The exam will be conducted on 7thApril 2024.Studentsgoing to Class VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI & XII are eligible to participate. The Registration Fee for studentsgoing to classesVI, VII & VIII is Rs. 750 and for classes IX, X, XI & XII is Rs. 1500. Students can also earn incentives in the form of fee waivers up to 99% on Registration Fee. Please refer to for detailed information.

The Last Date to Register for the exam is 5th April 2024. The students can register for the exam online by visiting the website or offline by visiting any FIITJEE Centre and paying cash.

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