Finding Dubai’s culinary treasures: Sanjeev Nanda’s Miss Tess, Billionaire Mansion, and more

If there’s a truly global city anywhere in the world, it most certainly is Dubai. It’s not just a melting pot of various nationalities, but also a confluence of numerous cultures and cuisines. While there are several restaurants in the city while have made a name for themselves across the globe, there remain some gems which, although not much famous in other parts of the world, nevertheless serve some of the best dishes you can find in the city.

If you are visiting Dubai and are looking for some edgy and quirky places to hang out with your friends, this goes out especially for you! We bring you our top picks of some diners and restaurants in Dubai which perfectly sum up the culinary treasures that lie in the city. Want to know more about them? Just keep scrolling!

Billionaire Mansion by Sanjeev Nanda

If you have even the slightest knowledge about the dining scenes in Dubai, we bet you already know about this amazing place. If you haven’t, we’re here to tell you all that you need to know. Billionaire Mansion is a luxurious concept restaurant developed by British-Indian restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda and is known for its chic ambience, mouth-watering food, live performances by singers, acrobats, and more. Such is the fame of this restaurant that it frequently hosts some of the most prominent celebs from across the world. Quite a gastronomical extravaganza!


Names can be deceptive, and the same is the case for FoxGlove. This gastro-pub balances all the quirkiness held by its name with the sophisticated grandeur of its ambience, combined with an elegantly designed menu. Located in SoHo Garden, FoxGlove is the perfect hangout place for people looking for spending some quiet time with their family, friends or loved ones. The place is certainly a haven for people who have a knack for finer things in life.

Miss Tess by Sanjeev Nanda

Another masterpiece by restaurateur Sanjeev Nanda, Miss Tess takes its guests to the streets of Asia, and gives them a culinary experience that is hard to forget. Delectable Asian street food combined with delish cocktails and a quirky ambience – Miss Tess has all the makings of a perfect night-out. Located in Taj Dubai, Miss Tess brings an adventurous mix of innovative dining experiences with lip-smacking food.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next hangout with your friends and family at any of these places, and get an experience for a lifetime.

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