The Impact of Indoor Air Quality on Health


Our perceptions of our homes, workplaces, schools, retail establishments, and other shared private or public spaces have altered since the year 2020. The spread of the Covid-19 epidemic around the world has forced us to change how we interact with one another, go about our daily lives, and use our spare time. The increase in the amount of time individuals spend indoors has been one of the biggest shifts. People were already expected to spend 90% of their time indoors in 2019, but we still had national lockdowns, the move to remote work, and self-quarantine advice. As a result, awareness of indoor air quality has increased (IAQ).

The subject of indoor air, air pollution, its quality, and how it affects our health gained popularity amid the procedures being made to safeguard us. Since then, it has been a problem for many, affecting people at home, in educational institutions, and in all kinds of businesses.

It’s difficult to comprehend how or in what ways poor indoor air quality impacts us, even though we often hear that it has a detrimental impact on health. For instance, did you know that excessive heat in a closed environment reduces our desire to interact with others or engage in activities?

How Does Indoor Air Pollution affect?

Some of the symptoms we experience when in poor air quality are:
-Irritatedeyes, nose, orthroat
-Dry, itchy skin

These are caused when we are exposed to closed environments such as gyms, schools, offices, living with pets, indoor spaces that have carpets, open fires/candles, etc. Most often, symptoms will go away soon after you leave the area. However, excessive, or repetitive exposure to such environments might have a harmful effect on already existing health conditions or cause new ones.

Air Conditioning as part of the solution
As much as ventilation is important in such indoor spaces, air conditioning systems keep humidity levels low and manage indoor temperatures.
Hitachi air conditioners not only cool your indoor environment but also provide clean, odor-free, and fresh air to keep health issues at bay. Hitachi’s Auto Coil Dry Technology(Soft Dry)prevents the accumulation of debris, dust, and pollen in the form of condensed water droplets on the evaporator coil and keeps the unit dry and clean to ensure fresh and healthy air.

Further, Hitachi’s FrostWashTechnology is an innovative self-cleaning technology that cleans in indoor evaporator coil, improves air quality, and creates a healthier environment by eliminating dirt. It significantly reduces the amount of dust, mold, and germs that accumulate on the indoor heat exchanger of your air conditioner and decreases their presence inside the unit. By encapsulating moisture created during routine operation, it captures the dust and debris that adhere to the heat exchanger. The dust, mold, and germs are subsequently drained out of the appliance together with the melted and defrosted frost. So, the air that meets the AC is free from dust and the air coming out of the AC is always clean and fresh.

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