Foods To Avoid After Sex

An intense session of romp up with your partner is hugely enjoyable, but it can leave you mighty hungry. Sex is a complete exercise and research studies have shown that a passionate round of sex can burn as much as 150 calories every 30 minutes. This is why we often tend to feel hungry after sex. However, just like you have to be careful about what you eat after exercise, the same applies to your food choices after sex. Let’s take a look at food items that you need to avoid after an invigorating round of sex with your partner.

Pizza: This is the most preferred item for hungry souls, but you need to avoid pizza after an intense round of sex. Refined flour and cheese can irritate the body if taken after sex. Blood circulation increases during sex and blood is also needed to digest food. So, if you eat things like pizza, it will create conflicting scenarios in your body.

Eggs:These are rich in protein and fats, which can be a bit difficult to digest. Also, they are not good at providing an instant energy boost, as they lack adequate natural sugar and carbohydrates. So, it’s better to avoid these after an intense round of sex.

Tea/coffee: Both have caffeine, which is known to irritate the digestive system. With increased blood circulation after sex, the effects of tea/coffee can be even worse. These will also interfere with your sleep, something that you rightfully deserve after an intense round of sex.

Chips: These are packaged products and come with various syntheticchemicals that may not be appropriate for your body. These are consideredunhealthyanyways, so it’s better to avoid these after sex.

Alcohol: A glass of chilled beer might seem like a nice idea after sex, but it can cause irritation and dizziness. It’s better to avoid all alcoholic drinks before and after sex.

The next big question is what you should be eating after sex. Well, the simple answer to that is having foods that are easily digestible. For example, fruits would be a good option, as they will supply instant energy as well as various vitamins and minerals. You can have other light food items such as vegetable sandwich, nuts like cashew and pistachios, raisins, etc. Whatever you eat after sex, just make sure you keep the portion size small. This will keep you energized and help avoid things like bloating and indigestion.

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