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Recipe : Quaker Oats Payasam Serves

: 4-6 people Ingredients: ½ cup Quaker Oats Multigrain 1 ½ cup Skim Milk ½ cup Sugar (Optional) ½ cup Ghee (Optional) Cashews ~ as desired 1 pinch Cardamom Powder Preparation: Roast cashew nuts till golden and set them aside. To the same pan, add Quaker Oats Multigrain. Toast and roast them till they’re golden. Then pour milk and mix. ... Read More »

Recipe : Quaker Oats Unniyappams

 Serves: 4-6 people Ingredients: 1 ½ cups Quaker Oats Multigrain Mix ½ cup Whole Wheat Flour 15 reseeded dates, soaked in hot water 2 ripe bananas ¼ cup coconut bits 1 tbsp black sesame seeds ½ tsp baking soda Pinch of salt (Optional) 1 tbsp Ghee (Optional) Preparation: Grind Quaker Oats Multigrain into a mixture and set aside. Grind bananas ... Read More »

5 reasons to add Neem to your daily lives: Chef Kunal Kapoor shares insights on his day-to-day use of Neem

A widely used plant in the Indian household, neem is undeniably a sacred gift of nature which is beneficial to us in many ways. This omnipotent plant holds profound cultural and historical significance within the Indian society, deeply rooted in their traditional Ayurvedic medicine, rituals, and customs. Used by many for various household purposes, neem is often known as a ... Read More »

Should You Eat Food Dropped On The Floor?

For gastronomes and hungry ones, their favorite food accidently falling on the floor or carpet can be a hugely depressing experience. The misery can be even more when only a few portions are left on the table. It becomes tough to decide whether to let go or to pick the food from the floor and eat it. To better understand ... Read More »

Recipe : Mini Sundaes Made with M&M’S®

INGREDIENTS Sundae One Ingredients: 2 tablespoons M&M’S® 1 scoop vanilla ice cream 1 tablespoon strawberry sauce 2 tablespoons whipped cream 1 maraschino cherry   Sundae Two Ingredients:  2 tablespoons M&M’S® 1 scoop strawberry ice cream 1 tablespoon chocolate sauce 2 tablespoons whipped cream 1 each maraschino cherry Sundae Three Ingredients:  2 tablespoons M&M’S® 1 scoop chocolate ice cream 2 tablespoons ... Read More »

Recipe : PB&J Boca Bites made with SNICKERS® Bars

INGREDIENTS Strawberry Filling: ½ c SNICKERS® Bars, ¼” chopped 1 c strawberry preserves Peanut Butter Frosting: 1¼ c vanilla frosting 6 T peanut butter, no sugar added 4 lb biscuit dough, raw Assembly for 1 Bite: 1 boca bite, baked and cooled ¼ T peanut butter frosting (above) ½ t chocolate sauce, to finish ½ t SNICKERS® Bars, ¼” chopped ... Read More »

Recipe: Smoky Chipotle Brownie Bites made with GALAXY® FUSIONS

INGREDIENTS 1 box (25oz) fudge brownie batter, prepared 2 t TABASCO® Chipotle Sauce 1½ c GALAXY® FUSIONS, ¼” chopped DIRECTION Preheat oven to 350°F. Add chipotle sauce into prepared brownie batter. Spray a mini muffin pan with non-stick cooking spray. Fill each cup one quarter of the way with the infused batter. Top with 1¼ teaspoons of chopped GALAXY® FUSIONS. Push chocolate down ... Read More »