Founder of Bored Human, Rohaan believes that the digital assets’ space will rule the future

*_If one gets hold of the right NFTs, they can be assured of attractive returns going forward, says the expert._*

The world of DeFi has gained traction in recent times, having drawn a number of global investors who have stepped into this space looking at its future potential. Those who only believed in traditional investment vehicles are steadily drifting towards this space, which is a good sign, as those who own the right digital assets stand to gain massive returns if their selections are right. Rohaan is one such digipreneur who spotted the potential of this industry and stepped in at the right time, the reason he has managed to grasp it to its roots and has done exceptionally well around this sphere.

He says, “cryptocurrencies, which debuted earlier were not taken as a good investment option by many initially as only a few investors who believed in its future growth invested in them. With time, it took center stage and today lists amongst the top investment options today, same with NFTs, which have gained massive popularity of late.” Looking at the ever-growing reach of the digital asset industry, Rohaan founded Bored Human, which is the first Profile Pic NFT project on ETH, that makes it a piece of meta-history.

The 1,500 NFTs consist of Rohaan sitting on a stool with the legendary BAYC props, such as a King’s crown, smoking pipes, Sailor’s hats, & even laser eyes, all of which are hilarious. ” The project has taken inspiration from Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), and additionally having the founder’s face & real-life info means the potential of a rug pull is ruled out. Rohaan and his team at Bored Human have experience in scaling multiple 7-8 figure projects using their in-house marketing techniques, which they are set to put in use on this project.

The project is distinctively unique, which makes up its short and long term holding value. There are loads of attractive features which will amaze the holders which can be checked out on their official website

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