Success Story of Successful Entrepreneur Tsur Ben David

Tsur Ben David Founder and acting CEO of CET Enviro. He was a former Air Force pilot and serial entrepreneur in the field of cleantech. There is a famous saying by Benjamin Franklin, “it takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”. This goes pretty well with businesses and those who are businesses themselves – yes we are talking about entrepreneurship. A business becomes successful and prestigious after years of hard work and constant efforts. But the same business comes down with only one single mistake. You all must have remembered Maggie. It was a leading name in some Asian markets like India. It was banned after a complaint was filed against it that it is high in carbs and represented some taste-related facts/issues incorrectly. At that time, Nestle faces a huge controversy. Several years of hard work and reputation went in vain. This incident is still fresh in everyone’s mind. The same thing goes with individuals who represent themselves as an entrepreneur. If you are here to know more about Tsur Ben David, then keep on reading to know more.

Tsur Ben David: Beginning of the Success Story

He is a famous name in the market because of all his good deeds today. Since he takes Benjamin Franklin’s quote a bit seriously, he is always very cautious about his doings. Today’s world is considered value-driven and personality-led, hence, it is more than important to have a positive reputation in the market to succeed. And Tsur Ben David has done everything positive since the inception of his journey to stay in the market with a positive reputation.

He started his journey by listening to and reading other popular personalities in this genre. After gaining a lot of confidence and everything, he began his journey. With some glitches, failures, and ups and downs, he started his journey as the CEO of CET Enviro. Today, he is at the spot where he always wanted to be – a successful and well-known entrepreneur and leading corporate executive.

What does he do?

The success of a business depends on its market reputation. In addition to this, trust, loyalty, services, etc. contribute to its success journey. If we talk about the work of Tsur Ben David, then we will only say that he knows what exactly a business needs to succeed and win customers. And he is doing the same for his venture.

His dream project CET Enviro envisages a world by providing the most innovative environmental friendly technologies for cooling sector that eliminate use of chemicals, saves water and energy consumption and saves a lot of energy. And for this, he along with his dedicated team members are creating and achieving eco-friendly yet smooth HVAC operations that are supported by fewer costs, reduced waste, high profitability, and better scalability.

How did he face the COVID-19?

When the whole world was screaming due to the COVID-19, Tsur Ben David never lost his sight or went out of his track. Whether it was finding out new market opportunities, leading the firm in such a critical phase, or simply making informed decisions, he was always on the right track.

Due to the time that he invested amid coronavirus in market exploration and search, he made some extraordinary changes to the HVAC systems. He added another gem to his crown by altering the ways how they used to serve customers and manage the different cooling operations.

Today, his venture CET Enviro is bringing innovative yet market-proven green technologies. He is mainly serving the fields of commercial and industrial refrigeration facilities. Being recognized as a prominent provider, the venture is focused on offering solutions that are optimized cooled chillers with condensers, water, energy monitoring systems, scale and bio-removal (SBR), etc.

In a Nutshell

To learn more about the continuous efforts done by Tsur Ben David and his dedicated team members to transform the HVAC sector, you can also check the published work about him and his work on the different online forums.

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