Freedom Tree, India’s first colour and trend consulting studio, opens its latest joyous home store in Hyderabad.

Freedom Tree’s contemporary, colourful, and bold products décor to printed fabrics and handcrafted furniture are designed and made in India.

Hyderabad, 26 April 2023: Freedom Tree, India’s first colour and trend consulting studio, inaugurated its first store in Hyderabad. Located in the upmarket Jubilee Hills, Freedom Tree’s trendy color coordinated collections and designer ranges are designed to infuse an innovative style in an approachable avatar.

The name Freedom Tree reflects the brand’s ethos – the Freedom of Being, the Freedom of Choice, and the Freedom of Thought that allows people to take joyously crafted and unfussy products freely into their home.

Freedom Tree has its genesis in another small but immensely popular brand called TAKETE MALUMA which was set up by Latika Khosla in the 1990s. It was India’s first contemporary design brand for home. FREEDOM TREE actually takes its name from one of the designs that was produced in Takete Maluma – a dense and rich tree of life (stylized) and appearing on ceramics, textiles, and other decor.

Speaking at the launch, Latika Khosla, Founder and Director, Freedom Tree Design, said, “I am delighted to be back in Hyderabad. This vibrant city is an important part of my childhood, and it has again welcomed us with open arms. The city is known for its design sensibilities which is evident in various arts and crafts that this city has produced. At Freedom Tree, we aim to tap into these deep veins of handicraft talent and tradition to create modern and contemporary collections that give customers the confidence that everything will “match” since it has been designed with deep colour science to do so.”

Freedom Tree’s USP is its textile and print design capability. The in-house team of designers has created 100s of original print designs over the last decade. These prints feature and recur in many ways on their products – coming back in different colours, abstracted, and travel to other surfaces and categories as well.

Freedom Tree, apart from its range of furniture, décor and apparel, also offers Design Consultancy which provides research and trend based advisory to global and established Indian consumer brands. Freedom Tree has had years of experience in the trend and colour industry giving them domain experience in this area. It has designed ranges for different applications and consumer needs for areas like, automotive and transportation, home décor and interior products, textiles and fabrics, fashion and beauty.

Freedom Tree Space and Project Advisory works with interior designers/architects, hospitality, future-of-work, and F&B segments primarily to create beautiful, functional, well-designed spaces using our joyously designed products for home and work. It also offers free Consumer Design Advisory as a means to inspire and provide customized advice. Consumers can engage with Freedom Tree’s interior style specialists and receive FREE customized Lookbook and Style guides for their space, with mood boards, layouts, and product suggestions.

Rishabh Khosla, Business Head, Freedom Tree Design, said “Hyderabad was a strategic choice for us to open our next store. This city, which has grown rapidly, not only offers us a chance to present our range of products and collections for the discerning consumer but also allows us to work with the Architects and Interior Designers for whom this city is a growing hub. We hope to collaborate with them to create styles and spaces which are globally inspired but very Indian in their essence.”

Freedom Tree is associated with the NCS, the Natural Colour System, an International colour standard and their institute, based in Sweden. Freedom Tree is the founding organizer of Colours India, the first cross Industry Colour and Trend platform.

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