Fresh milk can help eliminate your break-up blues

To find something that lasts forever, if not impossible, has certainly become quite difficult in today’s fast changing world. Everything gets replaced in just a few years and most things come with an expiry date. Relationships have acquired similar characteristics, which in turn has made break-ups quite commonplace. The resulting hurt is something we are all familiar with and it’s not a good state to be in. Since the winds of change cannot be stopped, it would be prudent to deal with the problem and move on. If the problem is break-up and the associated hurt, one way you can deal with it is by taking dairy products such as fresh milk, organic curd, cow milk products, etc.

Dairy products such as fresh milk, organic curd and cow milk products contain copious amounts of B vitamins such as Vitamin B12, B6 and folate. Scientific studies conducted by researchers have shown evidence that these vitamins can be helpful in the treatment of depression. These are also useful in fighting mood swings and can be quite effective in eliminating break-up blues. If you are a vegetarian, then you should definitely include milk and milk products in your diet because it is the only vegetarian source of Vitamin B12. Apart from its mood elevating properties, Vitamin B12 also plays several other important functions, which is why milk and milk products is an absolute must for vegetarians.

The good fats and protein found in dairy products also work to enhance your mood. The brain is almost 60% fat, so it’s easy to see why fat is important for elevating your mood. This observation has also been supported by several research studies. When you are in good mood, you are likely to engage in new activities, which will help you gradually forget your past. The memory part of our brain works like a computer’s hard disc, where if you input new things, the old stuff will be automatically overwritten with the new things that you do and experience.

Remember, milk can only help you; it’s not a cure. To move on after a break-up, you need to realize that life is more important than anything else. It may take some time, and often things of the past may overwhelm you, but you need to be conscious of these things and keep trying to focus on the present. Talk to people, go on a holiday, make new goals and work on them, find a new hobby, buy something that you always wanted, and things like that. Soon, you will realize that you have left your past far behind and are starting a new journey that’s full of exciting possibilities.

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