Full cream milk and milk products can prevent Diabetes, says new study

If you love the wholesome taste of full cream milk, then you would be delighted to know that full cream milk and milk products can help prevent the onset of Type 2 diabetes. This has been revealed in a research study, which has been published in the leading journal ‘Circulation’. The research study began during the late 1980s and involved long-term observation of 3,333 adults. At the beginning of the research, blood samples were taken from research participants in order to measure the amount of dairy fat circulating in their blood. After this, researchers tracked the research participants for around 20 years in order to see which of the participants had developed Type 2 diabetes.

When researchers analyzed data after 20 years, they noticed that participants who regularly included full cream milk and milk products in their diet had a 50 percent reduced risk of developing diabetes, as compared to participants who had the least full cream milk and milk products in their diet. Technically, this was an observational study, so a cause and effect scenario does not arise. However, the research does support other similar research studies that have indicated that healthy fat from full cream milk and milk products can reduce the risk of diabetes.

Moreover, full cream milk has a potential role to play in controlling body weight among children. This has been revealed in a research study conducted by Dr. Mark DeBoer, who is a pediatrician at the University of Virginia. Dr. Boer tried to find out if there’s a connection between milk fat and children’s body weight, which led him to an interesting discovery. He found out that children who consumed more full cream milk gained less weight over time, in comparison to children who took toned milk or milk products.

Full cream milk and milk products can also help adults to control their body weight. This was revealed by a study conducted by researchers in Sweden. In their research study, it was found that middle-aged men who had a higher intake of full cream milk, butter and cream had significantly reduced risk of becoming obese over a 12-year period, in comparison to people who never or rarely consumed full cream milk and milk products.

Such modern research studies substantiate the traditional beliefs in our country. They provide the right reasons to include full cream milk and milk products in our diet, so that we can enjoy the bliss of a healthy, purposeful life.

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