Full fat organic milk can fight obesity, says new research

Most dieticians would recommend you to go for healthy toned milk, especially if you are obese or on a weight loss mission. While they may be right, since healthy toned milk contains fewer calories than full fat organic milk, new research studies indicate that full fat organic milk may actually be better at reducing the risk of obesity.

The new research studies/reviews

1). A recent review on dairy fat published in the European Journal of Nutrition says that there is no clear evidence that full fat organic milk can lead to cardiovascular diseases and type-2 diabetes. The review says that the risks are the same as seen with people who opted for low-fat dairy products such as healthy toned milk. The review further elaborates that the only difference is the low calories associated with low-fat milk products.

2). Dr. Mario Kratz and his team at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle reviewed 25 studies involving dairy fat. They found that 18 of these studies indicated reduced weight, improved weight management, and reduced risk of obesity among people who consumed full-fat dairy products such as the best full cream milk. The remaining seven studies turned out to be inconclusive.

3) A study, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, involved around 1500 middle-aged and older adults. The study tracked their consumption of milk and milk products and compared it with the group’s obesity rate. It was found that people who consumed butter, best full cream milk and cream had lower obesity rates, as compared to those who avoided dairy fat.

How it works

So, how is it possible that full fat organic milk and milk products, which have more calories, can be better positioned to fight obesity, in comparison to low-fat dairy such as healthy toned milk, which has fewer calories? Well, there is no conclusive study, but there is mounting evidence that full fat dairy products such as the best full cream milk may make you feel full faster, thereby limiting your intake during the meal and even several hours after the meal. You thus end up eating less, which helps in better weight management. Some doctors also say that full fat dairy products such as full fat organic milk may also be affecting gene expression and hormone regulation, which in turn may help limit the amount of fat the body stores.

Even though no conclusive study is available, the mounting evidence indicates that full fat dairy products such as full fat organic milk may not be the culprit in weight gain. As a matter of fact, they may actually help you prevent obesity.

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