The best full cream milk and related myths

Since ancient times, India has been a heavy consumer of milk and milk products. We are currently the largest producer of dairy in the world. We have been consuming fresh milk for many generations and even today, we continue to do so and derive the associated health benefits. However, since the later part of the twentieth century, scientists in the west have started accusing full fat milk and milk products for their high fat content, which they say can lead to a variety of health problems. However, such assumptions may not be entirely true since modern research studies claim just the opposite that fat can actually be good for your body. Let’s look at some common myths associated with the best full cream milk and try to unravel the truth.

Myth 1 – Full fat milk leads to weight gain:One of the many prevailing myths is that full fat milk makes you fat. However, this may not be true because new research studies have not found any evidence to link the best full cream milk with weight gain. On the contrary, new research studies indicate that the best full cream milk can actually help you to lose weight. The logic is that full cream milk gives a feeling of fullness, which in turn eliminates your cravings for junk food. You thus end up taking in fewer calories, which helps manage your weight better.

Myth 2 – Full fat milk leads to cardiovascular problems – Here again, the general assumption that full fat milk chokes up the arteries has yet to be conclusively proved in scientific studies. Many new research studies have found no clear evidence linking the best full cream milk with cardiovascular problems. These research studies indicate that the risks associated with full fat milk are no different than healthy toned milk, in terms of the possibility of developing cardiovascular problems such as hypertension and heart disease.

Myth 3 – Full fat milk makes toddlers obese – Many people believe that full fat milk is not good for babies, as it makes them obese. However, this may not be true. New research studies indicate that fat on its own does not lead to obesity. There has to be other contributing factors such as the metabolic rate of the baby and the type of food being given to the baby.

If we go by new research studies, the best full cream milk is certainly not the culprit. However, moderation is the key, so limit your intake as per the recommend dietary guidelines.

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