Gautam Solar bags certifications for N-type TOPCon Solar Modules as per latest IEC and UL standards

Depicting its prowess in the solar module manufacturing industry of the country, Gautam Solar, one of the top 10 players in the segment, received Certifications as per latest IEC and UL standards for its N-type TOPCon Solar Modules.

The Certifications include UL 61215-1:2021 Ed2 which lays down the test requirements for design qualification and type approval, UL 61215-2:2021 Ed2 which lists the test procedures for design qualification and type approval, UL 61730-1:2017 Ed 1 which provides the requirements for construction to ensure PV Module safety and UL 61730-2:2017 Ed 1 which notes the requirements for testing for ensuring PV Module safety.

“Advanced certification like this is a major achievement and provides an assurance to the customers that Gautam Solar’s modules have been independently verified for quality and safety as per global standards in product certification. With this we reaffirm our commitment towards leveraging best-in-the-market technology to manufacture high-quality and high-efficiency solar modules; thereby, contributing significantly towards the country’s endeavor to meet the sustainability goals,” noted Gautam Mohanka, CEO of Gautam Solar.

Gautam Solar’s N-type TOPCon Modules also have EN/IEC 61215-1:2021, EN/IEC 61215-2:2021, EN 61730-1:2018 and EN 61730-2:2018 certifications.

The company also holds IEC 62759-1:2022 (Transportation Test) certification for prevention of damage to modules from shocks, vibration and impact during transportation and IEC 60068-2-68 (Sand and Dust Test) certification to ensure resilience of modules to sandy and dusty environments.

Notably, Gautam Solar’s modules are certified as per latest IEC standards, which ensure that the manufacturing process is more up-to-date and aligned with latest technologies and best practices. For e.g. IEC 61215-1:2021 Certification includes new testing requirements like cyclic (dynamic) mechanical load test, test for PID, test for bending strength and procedure for stress specific stabilization apart from more stringent requirements for damp heat test, in comparison to IEC 61215-1:2016.

Gautam Solar is also in the process of securing certification for its N-type TOPCon Solar Modules by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and listing in Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM).

As for the advantages offered by Gautam Solar’s N-type TOPCon Solar Modules, these include 5% more power every year compared to P-type Solar Modules, Lower Degradation Rates (1% in first year compared to 2% for P-type and 0.4% in subsequent years unlike 0.55% for P-type), BOS cost savings of 3.26% and LCOE reduction of 1.56%.

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