GOEC: The Brand That Is Shaping India’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Infrastructure

In the last few years, a large number of people have realized the importance of using electric vehicles or EVs. These vehicles are powered by electrical energy and therefore, environment-friendly. From scooters to four-wheelers, a large number of vehicles today run on electricity. However, there is a particular reason why a section of commuters still prefers fuel-driven vehicles over ones that run on electricity.

Electric vehicles, when charged fully, can cover a certain distance. The lack of proper infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations has made it quite difficult for electric vehicle owners to cover long distances. That is where a company like GO EC comes into the picture. With an aim to make electric vehicles the most preferred mode of transport in India, the company, which believes in creating sustainable products, has taken up the onus to install charging stations for electric vehicles in every nook and corner of the country.

Elaborating on this vision, A.P Jafar, founder and chief managing director of GO EC, says, “We are fully committed to our vision to make the usage of electric vehicles accessible for every Indian. The sight of a charging station in their neighbourhood gives people the confidence to invest in electric vehicles. A step like this would play an important role in resolving many of the environment-based challenges we are dealing with. Once electric vehicles become the norm, and not the alternative they are today, our planet will become a much more livable space to be in. Our products are equipped with the latest EV charging technology that caters to vehicles of all forms and sizes.”

GO EC has a large team comprising of individuals who strongly believe in the fact that electric vehicles is that segment that will be the first choice of commuters in the next few years. In a very short span of time, the company has managed to install charging stations at several locations. The growth in the number of EV users in these areas serves as a testimony to the fact that their endeavours have been successful and met with a very positive response from the commuters. Recently, GO EC created history by building the world’s first waste-to-energy charging station in Haji Ali in Mumbai.

“Till now, we have set up 173 EV charging stations in different parts of the country. There was a huge market gap which we are determined to fill. Most people in India, who owned electric vehicles, wanted more number of charging stations to be around but nobody was taking an initiative in this direction. We recognized this demand and started working proactively towards fulfilling it. Doing this was all the more fun as it aligned with our commitment towards creating innovations that contribute towards nurturing the environment we live in”, says P.G Ramnath, CEO and Executive Director at GO EC.

GO EC is not just offering personal EV charging solutions. Apart from providing charging solutions for the electric vehicles you use in personal capacity, it also caters to commercial workplaces and provides charging stations for employees, workers, and visitors. It also offers charging solutions for fleets and those who run or manage electric vehicles as a part of a transport business.

Talking about the growing popularity of electric vehicles, Zara Elizabeth, director at GO EC, says, “The growth of the electric vehicle industry coincides with the increasing awareness around our environment. In the 2000s, environmental education was made a part of one’s curriculum. As those students grew up, they realized the importance of using electric vehicles. Apart from being environment-friendly, electric vehicles also help you save up on a great amount of money on a regular basis. Maintaining them, too, is a very convenient process.”

In the Electric Vehicle (EV) space, GO EC has been no less than a change maker. While many companies were manufacturing electric vehicles, nobody had taken the initiative to make the process of using these vehicles more convenient and accessible. From the biggest of cities to the smallest of towns, GO EC is installing charging stations everywhere in India. The company has been at the forefront of a change-making process that will revolutionize the electric vehicle industry in a big way.

For more information, visit – https://www.goecworld.com/

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