Health benefits of Tasty Dahi

Those of us, who love the satiating feel of tasty dahi and its calming effect on the mind and body, can never think of having our meals without it. Now, there are more reasons to enjoy your bowl of tasty dahi since medical studies have shown that it offers wide ranging health benefits. For optimal gains, as per your specific needs, you can compare full cream milk and double toned milk nutrition information printed on the product packaging. This will help you decide which type of milk or curd will be most suitable for you. Here’s some of the key health benefits associated with tasty dahi.

Active culture helps the gut – Organic curd that has active culture has shown to provide relief in a variety of gastrointestinal conditions such as lactose intolerance, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel syndrome, constipation, colon cancer, and H. pylori infection. Medical studies have shown that tasty dahi improves the microflora of the gut and enhances bowel movement.

Improved immunity – Some forms of probiotics found in organic curd such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium have shown to improve the body’s resistance against infections and also help in recovering from infections. Research studies have found that people who consumed organic curd regularly were able to recover faster from their illnesses. It was also noted that the duration of winter infections among such people was 20% less as compared to people who did not consume organic curd.

Reduced risk of Osteoporosis – Sedentary lifestyles have increased the risk of osteoporosis and hospitals across the country are witnessing a rise in the number of osteoporosis cases. It has been shown in research studies that organic curd can help prevent osteoporosis. Tasty dahi has calcium and vitamin D, which work together in building stronger bones. This benefit of tasty dahi is available to people of all age groups. While calcium is naturally needed by bones for their growth, vitamin D helps by improving the absorption of calcium.

Reduced risk of Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) – In a research study involving 5,000 university graduates in Spain, it was revealed that people who consumed 2-3 servings or more of low-fat dairy a day had a 50% reduced risk of developing high blood pressure, as compared to those who did not consume any dairy products. Although low-fat dairy included mostly milk, Alvaro Alonso, MD, PhD at the Harvard School of Public Health, believes that low-fat organic curd would have offered the same benefits. A Dutch study has also established the link between increased dairy consumption (milk and organic curd) and improved control of blood pressure.

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