Health Minister Harish Rao and Film Director S S Rajamouli inaugurate ‘Little Stars & She’ Hospital in Hyderabad

· With realigned and renewed expertise super specialty Little Stars Children’s Hospital is now ‘Little Stars & She’

Hyderabad, 11 June, 2023: Shri T. Harish Rao, Hon’ble Minister of Health, Medical & Family Welfare – Govt.of Telangana and renowned Indian Film Director Shri. S S Rajamouli inaugurated ‘Little Stars & She – Women and Children Hospital in Banjara Hills on Sunday. The other important guests included Smt. Manne Kavitha Reddy, Corporate, Banjara Hills along with many reputed doctors from the medical fraternity in Hyderabad.

With over 15 years of prowess in diagnosing and effective treatment of primary, tertiary, and quaternary paediatric cases, Little Stars Hospitals has been working with passion and dedication towards children’s health and wellbeing. And now with the intent to bring exceptional medical care to a larger base of people, the hospital is extending its spectrum of services to children & women. Little stars is now rebranded as ‘little stars & she’ with the launch of obstetrics and gynaecological services with added Super Specialities in paediatrics. With this addition of gynaecology services, the hospital is poised to provide comprehensive care with a nurturing environment.

Embarking on a remarkable journey of unwavering dedication to healthcare for children and women, ‘Little Stars & She’ now moves to a new premise-a 130-bed capacity at Hyderabad’s most prominent location, Banjara Hills.

Little Stars & She shall make the best use of the latest technology and improved infrastructure with an unwavering commitment to improve a patient’s journey and to extend expertise to a larger community.

With the intent to make the finest clinical care accessible to people staying in remote locations and/or those who cannot afford it, the hospital has set up a Command Centre for Telemedicine. This service would be subsidised and even free of cost for the marginalised.

Launching the new Telemedicine service at technologically equipped command control at Little Stars & She, Indian Film Director, Sri SS Rajamouli said, “By establishing this modernized facility and implementing an enhanced support system, I believe that the hospital shall be reaching out to a larger community of people. This service is surely going to benefit many people specially where there is less physical accessibility of a doctor in person”.

Speaking during the inauguration of the hospital, Dr. Satish Ghanta, Director – Eminent Neonatal & Paediatrics Critical Care Specialist – Little Stars & She – Women and Children Hospital said, “We want to thank our Hon’ble Health Minister Shri. Harish Rao garu and Director S S Rajamouli gaaru for inaugurating our new facility. More than a hospital, Little Stars & She is a place of medical expertise, compassion and support”.

Little Stars & She go above and beyond to ensure that children and women receive unparalleled medical treatment and attention. Hospital’s new division Obstetrics & Gynaecology shall assist women stepping into motherhood, and support them throughout their healthcare journey by delivering comprehensive specialised clinical care and services. The journey towards better health and wellness is not just about medical treatments, but also, about emotional support and resilience. Little Stars & She seeks to build a future where children’s laughter fills the halls and women’s smiles light up the world and make a difference, one precious life at a time.

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