Here’s How You Can Check Pension Online

If you show hesitance in checking the pension payments every month, you will never know about any issue in the pension fund. It is also important to know if there are any errors in the payment or amount. To complete the process much more easily and conveniently, you can always check the status online.

Here, you will know how to check pension online and use it to keep track of the payments. You will also get to know more about what is IRA, PPO, and pension in India. This information will help you efficiently manage your pension scheme.

What Is PPO In Pension?

PPO is an essential tool for tracking pension payments. PPO or Pension Payment Order is a unique 12-character identification number for pension holders in India. It does not matter if you are a government or private employee because everyone who gets a pension has this unique number. So if you invested in a pension fund through GPF, EPF, PPF, NPS or any other pension schemes in India, the pension from the government would always process through this PPO.

Why Is Regularly Checking Pension Funds Important?

Pension funds are capable of providing people with high returns with capital protection. EPF, one of India’s most subscribed pension funds, provides interest rates as high as 8.10%. It is far more than other convention savings schemes. Such reliable funds need extra care so that you don’t lose your returns due to minor clerical errors.

As pension payments are through automated channels, the chances of errors as high. And such errors require more time to rectify when you have to follow government channels. The process becomes harder if rectification begins very late after the error occurs. To avoid going through such trouble, you must check your pension payments regularly.

How To Check Pension Online?

To check the status of pension payment with the PPO number, follow the below steps.

Open the Pensioners’ Status Portal.

Click on the Issued Office dropdown menu.

Select the corresponding office.

This selection causes the Office ID column to display the office ID corresponding to the selected office. The Office ID is also the first five digits of your 12-digit PPO number. Verify if both are the same.

Input the remaining eight digits of your PPO number.

Click on Get Status.

It will provide the details at the bottom of the page in the same window.

The details displayed will include PPO No, Pensioner’s Name, Date of Birth, and Pension Type. It will also show when the last pension was credited and the validity of the Jeevan Praman Life Certificate.

How To Check Pension Online With Payment Amount Details?

Follow the below steps to check pension amount details online.

Open the Pensioners’ Payment Enquiry Portal on EPFO’s official website.

Click on the Issued Office dropdown menu.

Select the corresponding office.

Input the PPO No.

Enter the Member’s Date of Birth.

Enter the captcha code.

Click on Submit.

By clicking submit, a new pop-up window will open in a table format. This table will have the Month, Year, PPO No, Pensioners Name, Account No and the Pension Amount. So, you can get detailed information about your PPO without logging into the portal.

How To Check Pension Online Using Other Methods?

You can also use other methods of checking pension online. But these require usernames, passwords and creating new accounts. The first method is to log in to your EPFO account using the UAN number and password. It will provide you with detailed pension payment details where you can also perform various other procedures.

The second method includes checking pension funds and payments through a mobile application. For this, you will have to use the official UMANG app of the Indian government. You can download it from the official website or any app store. It includes more than 1000 other features, and an online pension is one of them. You can also know the balance in the EPFO account using the SMS and missed call services.

What Is IRA, And How Is It Similar To Pension In India?

Knowing what is IRA will help understand how a pension works in the USA. They have retirement funds known as Individual Retirement Funds (IRA) in the USA. The employer mostly manages it, and the employee doesn’t have much role in it except when they receive the funds at retirement. So you can compare it to the EPF pension schemes in India.

You just went through how to check pension online and what is IRA, PPO and pension in India. This information will help handle the payments deposits into your pension fund. It is important to keep track of these as late reporting of any errors is not entertained by government officials. So use this method on how to check pension online and protect yourself from the hassle of late and inaccurate pension payments.

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