DaveAI and Elabs announce their partnership to create AI powered experiences in the Middle East

DaveAI; an AI-powered full-stack sales experience platform that bridges the gap between self-assisted online discovery & salesperson-assisted offline discovery is collaborating with Elabs; a CX-centric company that is on a mission to help businesses leverage tech to grow. The collaboration aims to achieve a strong channel and direct sales for DaveAI to deploy its products for businesses in the Middle East and build DaveAI’s brand within the GCC markets.

Potential Impact of AI in the Middle East:

Source: Great Learning/pwc

Productivity is not a sprint. It is a marathon. To incorporate this mantra when it comes to the sales department in real life seems a difficult task with the sales team racing to meet targets. Adopting a sales platform that is futuristic and a digital twin of a physical sales space helps attract sales productively. A good customer experience is a driving force behind developing a strong sales strategy and it gives the business a deep insight into customer preferences and an opportunity to tweak decisions based on the analysis.

With the power of speech & NLP, data, and intelligence, DaveAI delivers a compelling customer experience across different sectors of Retail, BFSI, Real Estate, Automobile, and Fashion. DaveAI helps brands drive sales with advanced product discovery experiences using an interactive Virtual Sales Avatar that mimics a human sales brain, understands customer requirements & provides hyper-personalized product recommendations. With conversations around the metaverse taking centre stage, it is pertinent for brands to leverage platforms like DaveAI to enable product discovery in the virtual world.

“The Middle East is investing heavily in modern technology, especially AI and AR/VR. We hope to develop new frontiers in these technologies with key partnerships.”

– Dr. Ananth, Co-founder & CTO, DaveAI

Elabs helps clients build world-class CX infrastructure with a vision that focuses on a proactive approach to customer queries, reducing redundancies, providing tailormade solutions, leveraging AI capabilities and building intelligent conversations and virtual experiences for customers. Elabs aims to leverage B2B sectoral opportunities, which tend to form a large part of the regional client base, apart from B2C sectors.

“The AI market is on the rise when it comes to the Middle East region. As a partner, we hope to build a sizeable market for DaveAI’s offering in this region and establish DaveAI Middle East as a strong player within the UAE. This will help DaveAI leverage opportunities within the Government with a bespoke solution tailored to the region and grow DaveAI’s Middle East footprint within adjoining markets such as Oman/Qatar and eventually target KSA.”

– Pradeep Mohan, Business Director, Elabs

This collaboration will enable taking DaveAI’s capabilities to enterprises in the Middle East region and help them deploy innovative, intelligent experiences for their customers. By adopting different emerging technologies, this partnership will set the base for various businesses to move forward with an ‘all tech’ mindset in the middle east region.

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