Hindustan Power Exchange crosses 1 Billion Units of power trading since launch

· Achieves this milestone within 6 months of its commencement of operations

· Registers total settlement worth Rs 1250 crore

India, December 27, 2022: Hindustan Power Exchange Ltd. (HPX), India’s fastest power exchange promoted by PTC India Ltd, Bombay Stock Exchange, and ICICI Bank, has reached the milestone of 1 Billion unites of power traded within six months of its launch.

With more than 360 market participants, HPX has also raced to register participants comprising 80% buy volume of overall Day Ahead Market (DAM); 90% sell volume of Green DAM and 70% buy of Real Time Market (RTM).

HPX is now the number two exchange of the country in the Contingency segment, and the total settlement registered on its platform was Rs 1250 crore. Though eastern entities have contributed about 51% in this amount since commencement of operations of the exchange, the participation from Southern entities have increased in last two months and they contributed 41% in the month of December. It is pertinent to note that all the southern states are registered on the exchange and the foreseen potential of these states basis their past record would be 28% buy side on DAM, 24% buy on RTM, 12% sell on DAM, 14% sell on RTM.

Backed by the latest technology and a series of innovative features, the fastest power exchange of India promises to offer speed, transparency, and better price discovery in the execution of trades. The exchange is presently offering trading in Contingency contracts, Green Contingency contracts, Term Ahead Market (TAM), Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), Day Ahead Market (DAM), Green Day Ahead Market (G-DAM) & Real Time Market (RTM). It is steadily increasing its product portfolio and is set to provide a wide range of contracts to address the demand of different segments of the electricity market.

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