How Apple Face ID Works

As mobile phones store all our personal and confidential data, manufacturers are always taking proactive steps to ensure effective security of these devices. Apple products are known for high-end security features, one of which is their advanced Face ID technology. Apple’s Face ID is currentlyavailable on iPhone X and above and iPad Pro models that come with A12X Bionic chip. It is very simple to use and provides a secure way to unlock the device and authorize various types of payments using Apple Pay.

How Apple Face ID works?

Face ID is one of the most advanced systems created by Apple. The tech comprises both hardware and software components to ensure optimal security. Face ID utilizes TrueDepth camera that detects more than 30,000 points on your face. This information is then used to create a 3D image of your face containing accurate details about various parameters including depth measurements. An infrared image of the face is also captured. All this data is sent to the inbuilt Bionic chip, located inside the Secure Enclave. Here, the data is converted into precise mathematical representation of your face. Your digital facial signature is then used to unlock the device.

How safe is Apple Face ID?

Face recognition data is stored in encrypted form and is secured with a key that is accessible only by the Secure Enclave. The probability of a random individualunlocking your iPhone or iPad Pro with Face ID is just one in 1 million. Apple also provides an additional layer of protection wherein a passcode is required in case of more than five unsuccessful attempts using Face ID. Another safeguard is that Face ID can recognize if your eyes are open or closed. In the latter case, Face ID will not allow access. This feature has been designed to ensure that no one gets access without your knowledge. For example, Face ID will not grant access if someone brings the device to your face when you are sleeping.

Can Face ID damage your eyes?

Apple devices with TrueDepth camera are rigorously tested and they meet all international safety standards. Even when they use infrared, the output is too low to cause any damage to the eyes or your skin. So, you can use Face ID without any worries under normal usage conditions.

Face ID has been designed in such a way that it involves minimal or almost no effort from users. It works indoors, outdoors and even at places that are completely dark. Moreover, Face ID keeps evolving and can adapt to changes in your face. It works with cosmetics, facial hair, glasses, hats, contact lenses, scarves, sunglasses, etc.If you are looking for the best combination of ease of use and optimal security, Apple Face ID is what you can rely on.

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