How artificial intelligence based solutions are helping telcos mitigate the crisis?

– Rising demand for reliable connectivity

As internet service providers are faced with critical challenges in major aspects of their business from losing customers to rising OpEx, ISPs are undergoing a digital transformation by reinventing their offerings and operations. Artificial intelligence based tech integrations are taking lead in this new trend with network intelligence being at the forefront empowering the ISPs to revolutionize internet experience for their users. Pramod Gummaraj, CEO of Aprecomm opines that the pandemic accelerated the demand for uninterrupted connectivity as almost everything in the world moved to the realm of internet. Digital transformation with artificial intelligence based solutions was a critical move for telcos as they were at a verge of losing their users with any compromise in their Quality of Experience (QoE). With lack of visibility across the network being the root cause, ISPs are increasingly integrating network intelligence as it helps them to quickly ramp up the Quality of Experience for their users and also bring down their OpEx significantly.

Aprecomm, a leading network intelligence company with its artificial intelligence based solutions, enables ISPs to enhance their customer experience and boost up customer retention. As a matter of fact Aprecomm, which has its presence in India, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand has enabled ISPs to bring down support call duration by 30% and 35% improvement in first call resolution.

Aprecomm is now in its plans to expand in the European market to revolutionize the way ISPs manage their customer experience management and retention.

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