How apna assisted Sampath in providing financial support for his family

No matter where you are, no matter whether it’s a quarter mile away, or halfway across the world, your family will always be with you. In the test of time, the love and persistent support of a family is tested. Similar was the case of Sampath, whose family was there for him through thick and thin and now he wanted to take care of his parents.

Sampath Chintha, a fresher from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh had struggled financially throughout his school and college life. As a son of a farmer and a housewife, Sampath always wanted to support his family. His perseverance and immense love for his family made him move out of a small town to a big city to actively search for high-paying jobs. In his initial months, he couldn’t get any job opportunities, while his expenses increased day by day. Dejected, Sampath yearned to return to his family because he sorely missed them.

One day, while he was browsing the internet, he stumbled upon apna. He had heard about it before, but was unsure. As days were passing and he was still struggling to find a job, Sampath decided to take a leap of faith and gave the platform a chance and started actively applying for jobs on the platform.

To his surprise, he was selected for three different jobs, all because of his excellent communication skills and proficiency in English. Sampath became hopeful as he went from struggling to find a job to securing well-paying job alternatives. He chose the one that offered the best pay and was located in the most ideal location for him.

Sampath was thrilled to have been selected as an Immigration Consultant at Skyland Immigration Pvt. Limited. Luckily, he was also able to refer his brother to the company, and now the two Chintha brothers were working together to support their family.

“Not only am I able to enjoy my life to the fullest with my brother,but I am also able to support my family by sending money home.” Sampath said.

Sampath had big dreams for his future and he is gratified to work at Skyland Immigration knowing that the financial stability it provides is much needed for his family. Similar to Sampath, apna has aided millions of other people in locating a suitable job with the ideal wage and location.

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