How China is next super power?

While China is widely being touted to be the next superpower, we aren’t quite familiar with the term, yet! A country is said to be a superpower when it influences the entire world with its culture and tradition, military and political milieu, and the technological aspect as well. Although the United States of America quite successfully has managed to remain in the position since World War 2, after the dollar was declared to be the most powerful currency, China is all set to take over this position from the US. Now that you have understood, what being a superpower refers to, let us dig in deeper and look at the arguments that tell us whether China is going to be the next “Superpower” or not.

  1. China has definitely become technologically dominant: China has risen above the touts that never left the country from being addressed as the “copycat” nation and has emerged to become one of the most technologically sound ones. Also, one of the criteria for becoming the superpower has been checked with the glorifying entrepreneurial spirits boated by the nation. China’s digital payment market has become 50 times larger than that of the US and the country houses some of the best internet sensations namely –Tencent Holdings and the Alibaba Group.
  2. The Country is eagerly embracing globalization: Whether you from the US or any other country, there are high chances of you picking up a product with a label “Made in China” inscribed on it. China has bagged the position of being the world’s number one trading and exporting country. Also, the country has left no stones unturned in making allies all over the world; China has tactfully managed to build strong relationships with the former allies of the US. China is playing strategic games to portray itself as a powerful nation that can have control over world power.
  3. China is being immensely desired by the West: Not just the global relationship or trading power that China is working on; but, the country has certainly developed a market that is being immensely wanted by the West. Also, the country’s rapid growth in economic power has increased by at least 10-percent per year as compared to the rest of the nations. China seems to possess unrivaled buying power that is being successfully backed up by the nation’s humongous population, which is combined with the growth experienced by the middle class.

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