Best Price (Walmart): Everything you need to know about it

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation well known for its deals on groceries, home goods and clothing. If you’re shopping at Walmart then saving money is your goal. According to an estimation the consumers spend $36.7 million every hour at Walmarts worldwide. Buyers don’t care how much Walmart earns as long as they save money. But by learning a few tricks you can make lower prices even lower.

  1. Search for competitor coupons

Since this store is known for amazing deals, why doesn’t Walmart have its own coupon? Fortunately, it does- sort of. The store accepts competitor coupons, besides allowing coupons to turn into cash on buying. Coupon must list a particular price, not just like “20%  off” is the only rule it has.

  1. Get free shipping on any purchase

On any $35+ online orders, Walmart offers free shipping. Walmart shoppers can select the ship-to-store option if they purchase less than the mentioned amount. Mostly the items can be picked up on the same day of ordering.

  1. Know where the discounted items are

You just need to ask the manager to find the clearance section. You can find the markdowns near the toys or the garden and lawn section. Rather-Be-Shopping prescribes to look for electronic items on the lowest shelves of glass cases in their department.

  1. Use the free grocery pickup option

It is advisable to ignore online shopping for groceries and picking them up at your local Walmart without even stepping inside. An employee of Walmart is always available to load your purchases directly into your car which saves you time and the service is completely free.

  1. Know when deep discounts happen

Black Friday deals of Walmart can be quite a steal depending on items. On Fridays, monitor product roundups to compare Walmart’s price to other dealers. According to the reports of Good Housekeeping, Walmart stores discount most items for the best prices on certain days.

  1. Get the online prices in the store

The company will match the price in store if you see a good deal on Walmart’s website. You just need to pull up the discounted item on your phone and the rest will be taken care of by the cashier. The item just needs to be the same exact product. If you shop online the company will match any Walmart’s item with several online retailers like, Amazon and many more.

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