How is implanted GPS system threatening our privacy?

The story of GPS or Global Positioning System dates back to 1970s when the US Department of Defense proposed inserting several satellites into the orbit that monitors a specific place always staying at a particular position. A bulk of present-day gadgets use GPS in one way or the other. Although it helps you to get around, mostly when you are lost or looking for an address, take a minute to know how this system threatens your privacy as well.

  • Law enforcement authorities take advantage by attaching devices to the cars and get all necessary information without the knowledge of suspects. Particularly, they recruit information about the location of the person. Though the approach was declared unconstitutional after the case of United States vs. Jones by the US Supreme Court, it has also opened the door to the use of cellphone information to track down the criminals. Having the ability to know who you are and where you are, this system is extremely evasive.
  • Keeping in mind that any GPS-enabled device uses the government-owned system, no wonder the government could use the collected information for other purposes as well. Since everyone having a cellphone today is already carrying a device there is no need to add any kind of tracking devices on their property. Protection of citizens from terrorists is the main reason behind its existence. Children often feel their privacy has been invaded by their parents as the GPS unit allows them to monitor their every move from far away. Usually, people don’t have a problem regarding the system because if you do so, there is a chance you might have something to hide.
  • As long as your phone is switched on, your location is registered with cell phone networks several times a minute. This system could also reveal our relationships and private associations with one another. You would be surprised to know that the London police is using a system that could track hundreds of phones in real-time in an aimed geographical area.

Bottom Line:

Even after being called “invasive” this system was put in place to protect the citizens of the US from terrorists. Contrary to the objective of this system, it is being increasingly used against the citizens. If you feel this is a  violation of your civil liberties, your recourse is fairly limited. Turning off your cell phone won’t help you either.


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