How is the USA traffic monitoring system better than any other country?

The traffic system that the United States has implemented is the InSync adaptive traffic control system. This traffic system was developed by Rhythm Engineering. In this type of the system, the traffic signals adjust accordingly to the demand of the traffic by smartly using the intelligent transportation system. In the year, 2015, around 2300 traffic signals in the US were equipped with the InSync traffic monitoring system. In this article, we will discuss with you as to how this type of traffic signal is better in monitoring the traffic as compared to the other forms of traffic signal technologies used in different countries.

How does the InSync traffic system work?

The InSync traffic control system is also known as the plug-and-play system that works efficiently with the traffic control cabinets and the controllers have better command on the monitoring system. The entire system is based on working of the two main components –one is the IP video camera that is mounted over the poles to determine the traffic and how long the vehicles have been waiting in the signal; the other component is the processor, which a solid machine seated in the cabinet control room determines the signals according to the demand of the traffic.

How is this system of traffic control better than any other country?

The traffic control system used in India is Adaptive Traffic Light Timer Control system, which is inefficient because the density of the traffic keeps changing throughout the day; but, the traffic signals change at a scheduled time. Therefore, even if the density of the traffic is less at one point of time, the vehicles have to wait in vain in order for the signal to change. On the other hand, the traffic monitoring system in the US has command over this area as the signals change depending upon the density of the traffic. China uses the same system like that of India, the pre-timed signal system due to which many Chinese cities are facing huge problems with traffic management.

The US’s traffic monitoring system, on the other hand, is ranked as number one in the entire world because of various reasons including –ease of maintenance, the stop of the vehicles is reduced tremendously, affordability, the signals change automatically with time, the traveling time is reduced as well, and the people there face lesser problems of getting delayed because of traffic issues.



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