How is India’s first MOBA Mobile Game Going to Change the Mobile Gaming Landscape

MOBA has been a highly popular format for the ultimate gaming experience for hardcore gamers, but for gaming newbies, MOBA stands for ‘Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The MOBA format delivers riveting combat with an engaging game environment to offer an immersive and intriguing experience. Clash of Titans is playing a prominent role in the growing popularity of MOBA games in India, as it is the first-ever Indian Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game developed for mobile devices. Given that mobile gaming is thriving in the country, the title has been developed for Android and iOS devices.

So, have you ever pondered why MOBA games are so popular? What’s the magic sauce behind their great success in India? Here’s a rundown of the top four reasons behind this popularity:

1- Simple Format – MOBA games like Clash of Titans have a simple format where two teams compete against each other, with the goal of destroying their opponent’s base. Thanks to its panoptic view, players can see how the battle is developing at a glance. Games like Clash of Titans are designed in a way that players need only use two fingers on their mobile/handheld devices to control their characters and engage in combat. It’s super simple to play and truly captivating

2- Hero Variant and Characters – MOBA games offer a plethora of heroes and skins to choose from. No matter what your skill level, you can always find some amazing characters that make the game more enthralling and fun to play. Clash of Titans features 56 Titans, each with unique abilities and classified into different categories such as Tanks, Warriors, Assassins, Mages, Marksmen, and so on.

3- Free to Play- Clash of Titans is a free-to-play game that packs the thrills of the MOBA format and has no gaming-fee related gatekeeping; whether you’re a rookie or a pro, you can play anywhere and anytime with your friends without paying a penny. Gamers who log in daily will be rewarded with free Titans and other exciting rewards. 

4- Highly Social- MOBA games allow players to socialize with each other and work together to exploit the skills and attributes of their specific Titan with the goal of destroying the enemy base. In Clash of Titans, players can also invite their friends to join them and form a squad so they can enjoy the immersive gameplay experience together. MOBAs also foster global online communities as players from around the world come together and share a common bond.

In a nutshell, games have the power to bring people together and strengthen their bonds with each other, and a game like Clash of Titans is a perfect example of this phenomenon.


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