How Long It Takes For Couples toLose Interest in Sex

Most relationships start with a bang and there’s plenty of love and passion to be shared between the partners. However, what is also true is that things become mundane after a while and it becomes a challenge to keep the spark alive in the relationship. So, how long does it actually take for couples to lose interest in sex? Well, the time may vary for each couple, but on an average, it takes around three months for couples in committed relationships to start losing interest in sex. This has been revealed in a survey that analyzed data collected from both men and women.

Women lose interest in sex faster than men

The survey also came up with other interesting findings such as that its women who tend to lose interest in sex faster than men. This reveals that the gender of an individual determines how long it will take for them to lose interest in sex in a committed relationship.

Why women lose interest in sex

The survey further revealed the reasons why women lost interest in sex in committed relationships. One of the major reasons given by many women was that they were sexually incompatible with their partners. Some women also said that they lost their libido becausetheir partners did not share the same level of sexual interest. Some women were also affected by the differences in sexual likes and dislikes. Another major reason was ageing; the older the couple, the less was their interest in sex.

What can be done to reignite the spark?

Experts suggest that couples should openly share their ideas about sex including their likes and dislikes. Often, one assumes that their partner may understand everything about them, but this may not be true. Rather than making assumptions and keeping their partner in the dark, couples should take time to discuss their sexual likes and dislikes.

Couples also need to make sure that they do not feel guilty or embarrassed when they lose interest in sex. It’s common to lose interest in sex after a while in a committed relationship and there’s no need to worry about it. Couples should come together to accept what they are going through and try to find a solution that can rekindle the spark in the relationship.

For couples, it’s advisable that they do not have unrealistic expectations about their relationship. Life will be full of ups and downs and couples need to act as a team to find solutions to the problems they may be facing.



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