Weird Men You Might Find on Dating Apps

If you frequently use dating apps, you might have come across some of the weirdest men, each with their own quirks and frailties. Most of these weird men can be classified into broader categories, making it easier for you to sift through the profiles. Here are some of the most common types of weird men you are likely to find on dating apps.

The serious types: These men are looking for committed relationships and may propose marriage after a few meetings. They treat dating apps as matrimonial sites and are most likely to be looking for aprospective wife. They might insist on involving your friends and family members and may have already started planning for the future.

The Verbose intellectuals: Thisbunch believes that using fancy words will present them as intellectuals. So, their profile will most likely contain various fancy words, famous quotes, some heart touching poetry, etc.These men may not even know the meaning of these words, but they use it on their profile nonetheless.

The one-night stand guys: These men are looking solely for one-night stands and are not afraid to speak their mind. After a few pleasantries, they are most likely to ask you straight if you are interested in sex. Any further conversation will depend on how you respond to the question. A ‘No’ will most likely mean the end of the conversation.

The married lot: These people are looking for some fun outside their marriage. Some may even claim that their activities are already known to their wives and they don’t mind a bit. What’s the truth in that claim, you can never tell. Men who claim to be married on dating apps will usually tell you that they are just looking for some friends.

The Ripped Guys: On these profiles, the first thing you notice is a gym selfie. Upon further investigation, you might also find photos of six-pack abs, and other muscular body parts. These people are essentially fitness freaks, which you can like or dislike depending on your tastes and preferences.

The stalkers: These men will start believing that you are the right one for them, just after looking at your profile. If you don’t respond to them, they will start stalking you on your social media profiles. They might send you friend requests, poke you, message you, and do other irritating things.

The broken hearts: These men may be trying to recover from a break-up. They consider themselves as heart broken and may be looking for rebound relationships. They may want someone to nurse their broken hearts or just listen to their sad story.




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