How Storytelling Can Make Your Kids Smarter?

We hardly ever realize it, but subconsciously we all love to hear stories. And kids are no exception to that. We like stories, as it activates our curiosity, imagination and the urge to explore and discover something new. As adults, we gorge on stories everyday through internet, TV, print media and even gossips shared by friends and acquaintances.

As stories tell us something new and help expand our intellect, storytelling is beneficial for children as well. Storytelling to kids can involve reading them from a book, telling your own stories or sharing your everyday experiences in the form of short stories. Anything can work, as long as you make them interesting. To understand how storytelling can make your kids smarter, here are some of the key benefits of storytelling to kids.

Listening and thinking skills – The stories you tell have various characters and plots, all of which gets your kid’s brain into thinking mode. They also learn to pay attention to what is being told to them. If you share with them an interesting story, your kids will also learn to focus and concentrate.

Language and vocabulary – Storytelling is a good way to introduce new words and phrases to your kids. They also get to learn the right way to pronounce the various words.

Communication skills – Through storytelling, your kids can learn to communicate in a better way. The way you speak to them and express yourself will be mirrored when they communicate with others. They will grow up as evolved social beings with excellent communication skills.

Memory boost – Storytelling can be used to sharpen your kid’s memory. For example, you can ask them to narrate what has happened in the story so far or ask specific questions about the story. You can put a condition that you will proceed further with the story only when they give you the answers.

Creativity and imagination – The more plots, characters and places you introduce in your story, the greater will be the trigger for your child’s creativity and imagination. The stories should be as diverse as possible, so that it’s always a new learning experience for your kids.

Learning through curiosity – By sharing complex stories with your kids, you can prompt them to ask dozens of questions. The more curious they get, the more questions they will have in mind. This will boost their learning and you can always support by providing relevant answers and explanations to their questions.

Emotional quotient, ethics and morality – Stories can be a good way to inculcate good morals into your kids. With the right stories, you can program your kids to be emotionally strong and be compassionate to others.

Understanding their roots and culture – Some of the stories you share with your kids can allow them to learn about their culture and traditions. This will give them a proper understanding of who they are. Also include stories about other cultures, so that your kids can develop a sense of harmony.

Tackle challenges – Stories about eminent personalities can inspire your kids to have an ambitious outlook towards life. It can also teach them to face challenging situations and not rest until the right solution is found.

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