How to avoid dry skin issue that comes with air conditioners?

Summers can be exhausting and so does spending the entire day under the sun. But, thank God air conditioners were invented. Wait a minute! Should we really be happy that air conditioners exist? Air conditions are known for sucking out all the moisture from the air. Therefore, spending long hours sitting in an air-conditioned room can be harmful to your skin. As the air becomes dry, all the moisture from your skin is dried up too leaving behind dry and itchy skin. In this article, we will tell you how to avoid your skin from getting all dried up even when you spent maximum time in an air-conditioned room.

  1. Make sure to take a few breaks: Do not spend long hours seated in your office room under the air conditioners. Try to take small breaks and get outside of the air-conditioned room. Our skin has dynamic qualities, which adopts according to the climate that we live in. If you move out of the room with air conditioners to the atmosphere with humidity, your skin quality will change within no time. Therefore, to maintain the moisture you need to take small breaks out of the air-conditioned rooms.
  2. Try not to irritate your skin any further: Now, who doesn’t really love a perfumed moisturizer? But, do you know they can worsen your skin’s condition even more? If you are constantly spending your time in an air-conditioned room your skin is already struggling to retain the moisture, further loading it with scented products can cause drastic harm to your skin. Therefore, refrain from using any harsh soaps, detergents with a strong fragrance, or too much perfume on your skin.
  3. Find excuses to stay hydrated: Though the idea of drinking gallons of water in order to maintain the health of the skin sounds appealing, sometimes drinking just plain water can be quite boring. But, worry not! There are definitely other ways of keeping yourself hydrated. You can drink healthy and cleansing juices to keep yourself replenished.
  4. Keep facial oil handy: To combat with dry skin, you must take some safety measures! Carry along facial oils or baby oils with you, always. Whenever you notice any dry spot make sure to apply some oil into that area. Make use of your fingertips to massage the dry spot with the facial oil, apply some to the regions of your neck and face too.

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