How to channel your anger with proper exercise?

While getting angry is something that comes naturally to you, channelizing it in a proper direction can really be helpful. Whether it is a bad day, you are upset about some particular thing, or a particular person made you angry, knowing about the source of anger is equally important to channelize it. The best way to utilize the energy that is building inside of you is to understand its source first and then make adequate use of it. You can use your anger energy in working out and sweating profusely, which will not only release endorphins help you feel better but also you will notice magnificent changes in your looks too. Let us dig in deeper and explore the article to know about the various exercises that you can perform to channelize your anger.

  1. Perform aerobic exercises: Whenever you perform any aerobic exercise or cardiovascular activity your heartbeat rate will automatically increase leading to greater oxygen intake in your body. But the best part of performing any cardiovascular activity is they signal your brain to release endorphins that will ultimately give you mental satisfaction and reduce the feeling of pain. One of the best ways to deal with anger or a painful situation is to exercise profusely and channelize that energy in an effective manner.
  2. Get your running shoes ready: To take off your mind from whatever is upsetting you or making you angry is to try running. As running requires focus and along with that your body releases endorphins, which will automatically make you feel better. Try and discover a scenic route to run or else you can use the treadmill too to release out your anger.
  3. Yoga can prove to be effective too: Though initially, it may seem impossible to perform any yogic exercises while you are extremely outrageous, joining a yoga class or practicing with a group of people will certainly help you in harnessing your emotions in a much better way. While you perform the yoga poses with lots of breathing activity your anger shall be channelized into each movement that your body performs.
  4. You can perform HIIT: One of the excellent ways to channelize your anger is by performing the High-Intensity Interval Training routine. In this short interval workout regime, your body is to perform the intense workout for a brief period by using 100% of your body energy and then take a rest for a few seconds and then continue with the same routine. This will effectively help you in harnessing your anger.

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