How To Cheat Lie Detector Test?

Lie detector test, also known as polygraph test, is often used by investigators to link a suspect to the crime. It can also be used as a tool to eliminate suspects, so that the person who actually committed the crime can be identified. While investigators often rely on polygraph tests, its ability to detect lies is debatable. According to some experts, a lie detector test can be only around 50% effective.

In legal terms, a lie detector test alone cannot be used to declare a verdict. It has to be supported by other evidence. It’s good that this system is in place because it is possible to beat a lie detector test. Hardened criminals and those with special training are likely to know the tricks to cheat a lie detector test. To help you make informed decisions, here’s how one can beat a lie detector test.

Make your vital signs go haywire

A lie detector test will first establish a baseline of your vital signs. It includes things like blood pressure, respiratory rate, heart rate and sweat level. The baseline will then be used to compare with your vital signs when you are asked various questions. When you lie, your vital signs will show a spike. However, if you make your baseline go haywire, then there will be very little difference between your true answers and your lies. This in turn will prove the lie detector test as inconclusive.

How to hack your vital signs

There are several ways you can fake your vital signs. It can involve both physical and mental aspects. For example, you can bite your tongue or cheek to the point it starts to hurt. This is likely to spike your vital signs. Some criminals have also created internal injuries before taking a polygraph test. These injuries are not visible on the outside and yet they are able to experience constant pain. This creates a false baseline of their vital signs.

The other option is to create mental anguish in your mind. For example, you can start thinking about your worst fears or your most painful or saddest moments in life. Such thoughts can also reflect on the polygraph test.

Is lie detector test admissible as evidence?

Some states allow lie detector test results to be admitted as evidence. However, it can be done only when both parties agree to it. As lie detector tests can be cheated and falsified, they are not as good as a fingerprint or DNA evidence. At most it can work as supporting evidence.

If someone you suspect has passed the lie detector test, don’t be hasty in giving them a clean chit. It is possible that they may have used methods to beat the lie detector test. Continue your fight for justice with all your efforts and resources. In its current form, lie detector test is not a perfect science.

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