How To Date During Coronavirus?

Looking for a date in the times of coronavirus epidemic? Well, you are not alone, as many people globally are having concerns about dating and maintaining relationships in these challenging times. With ‘social distancing’ becoming a buzzword and also a norm in many countries, people are finding it difficult to carry out the usual choresassociated with dating and being in a relationship. However, coronavirus does not necessarily mean the end of love. There are plenty of alternatives you can use to find love even when the entire world is inching closer to a complete lockdown.

Video chat: For those who do not want to take the risk associated with physical intimacy, video chat has emerged as a good option. Even dating apps are persuading people to use video chats, so that they can at least have some level of immersive experience in the virtual realm. It’s certainly not a replacement for sex, but it’s the best and safest option in the times of coronavirus.

Get tested: To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, both partners need to get tested for the virus from a certified medical or research facility. This is necessary because coronavirus can be present in an individual even without symptoms. A coronavirus test will ensure that going on a date is safe for both individuals. It will also unlock the door to physical intimacy.

Live-in quarantine: As going out with new partners can be risky in the times of coronavirus, many people in the early stages of theirrelationship are opting for live-in quarantine. This safeguards the couple from external exposure and also protects others. It’s a temporary and safe solution for people who recently met on a date and want to continue theirrelationship without the risk of coronavirus.

Meet someone from a safe zone: Coronavirus has spread across the globe, but there are still many areas where not even a single case has been reported. Coronavirus infection maps with live data are easily available on the net. You can have a look at these maps and accordingly try to find a date from that region. This is a bit difficult than the usual, but can still work.

Dating apps report that its business as usual for them and there hasn’t been any major drop in user activity. Coronavirus has actually become a very effective ice-breaker for people looking for a date. There’s so much anxiety and stress related to coronavirus that just finding someone to talk about it is a great relief. As long as you take precautions, you can kiss, caress and make love even in the times of coronavirus epidemic.



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