Is It Okay To Date Your Boss?

Relationships can blossom between any two people and there are hardly any restrictions to it. But is it okay to date your boss? Well, the truth is that most people and organizations won’t recommend dating your boss. That’s because such relationships can adversely impact your career prospects. Here are some things you need to consider before going out on a date with your boss.

Victim of office gossip: If you are in a relationship with your boss, it’s highly likely that your colleagues will get a hint of it. Gossips fly thick and fast in an office environment, so you cannot expect your relationshipwith your boss to be kept secret for long. When your story becomes obvious, people may start talking behind your back. This will adversely impact your work and your career prospects.

Accusations of favoritism: Even if your boss may treat all team members as equals, your colleagues may develop the perception that you are being favored due to the relationship you share with your boss. Such accusations can be mentallydisturbing for you and your boss. It is also possible that your appraisal may be affected, as your boss tries to prove a point by limiting your salary and perks. If that happens, your relationship will be strained.

Breakup woes: Breakup can be devastating for people and it could be worse if it happens with your boss. How will you guys continue to work normally in case something goes wrong with your relationship? Coming to office everyday may become the most painful thing in your life.

Organizational action: Most organizations are against officerelationships, so action can be taken against you both if the matter comes to the notice of HR department. If you guys are found to be violating office policies, one or both of you may lose your job. It is also possible that both or either one of you may be blacklisted by the industry. This will hurt your career, your relationship, and your wellbeing.

Dating your boss may seem like a bad idea, but there’s nothing wrong in it from an individual’s perspective. If you are already dating your boss or feel that the bonds are too strong, it would be better to find a new job. That way, you both will be free from organizational limitations and can maintain your relationshipindependently. Your respective careers will also be safe in case you guys break up and go your separate ways in the future.

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