How To Deal With Home Invasion?

Home invasion is a real threat, with possibility of theft, burglary, damage to property, injuries and fatalities. A home invasion can also lead to psychological trauma that may take a long time to heal. Every year, more than a million home invasion cases are reported in the US. Hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of property is stolen from homes every year. For your safety, here’s a look at how to deal with home invasion.

Install burglar alarm – To protect your home and loved ones from home invasion, it is essential to install a dedicated burglar alarm and CCTV surveillance system. It has been reported that intruders often avoid targeting homes that have security systems installed.

However, even home security systems cannot guarantee 100% safety from home invasions. There have been several cases where intruders had used masks to hide their identity. Home security systems can definitely give you time to prepare for the intruders and call the police.

Install bright lights outside – Having a well-lit house can help prevent home invasions. Intruders will have doubts, as they will be afraid of being spotted by neighbors and road users. You can also install sensor-based lights that activate in case an intruder is detected. This can also work to force the intruders to flee and try their luck somewhere else.

Conduct mock drills with family – It is better to train yourself and your family members to deal with a home invasion situation. You can define a set of protocols that everyone needs to follow in case of a home invasion. For example, you can set a code word that will tell everyone what is about to happen and what needs to be done.

You also need to designate a safe room in the house, where all family members can go in case of a home invasion. You can have some added protection for this room such as strengthened doors or something similar. Being inside a safe room will allow you time to think about the next steps and call the police.

Define ‘fatal funnel’ spot in the house – In case of a home invasion, you have the legal right to defend yourself with a firearm. If you are planning to use a gun, you need to define a ‘fatal funnel’ spot where you can position yourself. It should be preferably a dark narrow passage where only a single individual can enter at a time.

This will allow you to target one intruder at a time. You will have an advantage, as you will have a clear idea about the environment. In comparison, the intruders will need time to assess their environment and act accordingly. You just need to decide about pulling the trigger or not.

Wait for police to arrive – Until police arrive, do not make the mistake of stepping out of your hiding place or safe room. You may feel that the intruders have left, but they may still be hiding. Wait for the police to search thoroughly before getting out of the safe room.

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